Alleged Pedophile Victim of Vigilante Murder? "I Touch Little Girls" Scrawled Across His Chest - Granite Grok

Alleged Pedophile Victim of Vigilante Murder? “I Touch Little Girls” Scrawled Across His Chest

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Credit out of the gate for part of that headline. ZeroHedge said it, and I can’t think of a better way to share it. A story about what appears to be vigilantism in another Democrat city that would rather advocate Marxist defund the police rhetoric than protect actual citizens.

Democrat-run cities have allowed crime to run rampant with riots, rapes, and murders on the rise after a summer of making sure Municipal police knew no one had their back.

From budget cuts to policies of non-enforcement, Democrats are officially the party of crime and punishment, the latter not for criminals but everyone else. And people, in such circumstances, will take matters into their own hands.

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An 80-year-old man was found dead in an apartment building with a message scrawled on his dead flesh: “I touch little girls.” Police were called to the scene Monday morning at around 0930ET. It’s not clear what lead police to the site, but the victim was found lying in a hallway, in an obviously public place where his body – and the messages written on it – could be viewed.


The problem with this seems obvious. We have no idea if this old man was a creep like Biden or worse. The scrawl on his chest might be misdirection and absent any immediate threat; there is no case for self-defense.

As bad as it might seem to have let this man continue to be a predator – though how much so one wonders at 80 years of age – we do not want to live in that society. But that’s the world the Democrats promise. Where their thugs act in the political interests of those in power and, as we say during the riots, get released, no bail, no charges, or charges dismissed.

Those thugs went right back to the thug life.

Illegal Immigrants who commit crimes are regularly released back into the population and return to their criminal ways from gangs and illegal drugs to rape and murder to assault, vehicular manslaughter, and more.

We’re talking about people arrested for crimes and then released.

Every Democrat-run city jail is Guantanamo Bay, and they are itching to let the terrorists out to get back to work.

And that appears to be what they want. And while those who can flee the cities to escape this mismanagement of resources and rising crime, many still can’t connect the dots.

If you vote for a Democrat anywhere, you will get Democrat policies, just like those, even here in New Hampshire.

Stop doing it.