Surprise! - Antifa Thugs Who Busted up County Democrat Headquarters Indicted - Granite Grok

Surprise! – Antifa Thugs Who Busted up County Democrat Headquarters Indicted

Portland riots 3

Did you know that Portland, Oregon, is still dealing with riots? The participation trophy club can’t seem to get enough of them. Walking the streets, busting up stuff, setting fires. After close to a year of this, even the Democrats are starting to grow weary of their revolution.

And that’s entirely the point. But it’s not supposed to result in the violent thugs getting charged or indicted. And how much of a threat is that from a culture that is as likely to let them out again once they’ve been convicted? Assuming a so-called Bail-rights organization doesn’t get them released to do more damage before they ever have a chance to face trial.

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Such is the nature of left-wing priorities.

Perhaps they could do what was done during the Trump Administration, what WRBA is doing with illegals. Stick them on planes and secret them to more peaceful parts of American in the dead of night.

I don’t think that will work either.

All the big cities are Democrat-ruins as it is. Moving urban thugs into rural areas sounds like fun but only until the locals shoot the little bastards. Black block isn’t bulletproof, and Fly Over Country isn’t a safe space for Antifa thugs or the Dems Revolution.

And if you can’t flip them, all you’re doing is exporting a civil war you are unlikely to win. Even the haters in Antifa will think twice about being dropped into a firefight they know they can’t win.

Well, most of them.

As for Oregon, it smells like politics and not much else. The DA (Mike Schmidt) embraces this sort of violence because “these protests when we’ve gotten some of the changes that we are proudest of in our nation’s history. And sometimes it took some property damage. It took more than just peaceful protests to get the government’s attention. I’m very mindful of that.”

My guess is the only change that he’s mindful of at the moment is the job he’ll lose if he doesn’t make an example of a few of these thugs.