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How the FBI Looks at BLM and Antifa Compared to Concerned Parents

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I feel confident saying that the modern Left’s brown and black shirts are interested in thuggery against parents appearing before school boards, but that’s not quite what I mean when I write BLM and Antifa vs. Concerned Parents.

I’m thinking Rittenhouse. The trial. Kenosha. The rising tide of promises that if the case does not go the way they would like, Antifa and BLM have promised to burn down the city. Probably more than one.

A little flashback to the summer of ‘peaceful protest.’

These advocates of “justice” are already harassing and attacking people who think Kyle Rittenhouse was practicing his constitutional right to self-defense. They are threatening the judge and jury.

Free speech, right, except for the hitting part.

You can say a lot, and while we might argue that these threats approach or cross the threshold of fighting words in the sense that they should not be protected, they are still speaking, and no one is getting interrogated. Not really. Not that we know.

Parents appear before school boards to tell their elected representatives that they don’t like teachers telling their daughter she was born a racist. That is she is one. That she can never atone for that even after she debases herself before the Progressive gods.

That’s free speech. It is required speech in the Constitutional Republic. In any Demcoracy.

The FBI is investigating parents. Where are they with regard to members of BLM and Antifa who are just looking for an excuse to assault, loot, and burn?

Educators bullying children (and now their parents) is a worthy cause while Americanas, mostly people of color, who will lose property and possibly their life is not.

The Left was always backward and upside down and parents are beginning to notice.

We just need the rest of the world to wake up. Sorry, not just wake up but stand up and push back. And yes, that sort of talk might get you on a list at the FBI but then, if you’re not on one yet are you doing it right?

I’m quite certain we here at GraniteGrok all have a file. Where’s yours?