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Missouri Gov. Gives The McCloskey’s a Pardon

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During the heat of summer, when rioters were freely engaging in super-spreader event violence and mayhem, a couple from St Louis made national news for daring to stand on their property with firearms to protect their stuff from looters and arsonists.

The Democrat machine immediately made the McCloskeys’ into villains. The Democrat Circuit Attorney for St Louis, Kim Gardner, had them arrested and went to war for her party on both riots, racism, and gun violence (despite the obvious contradictions). She even used them as fundraising fodder for her re-election campaign.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Mark and Patricia (lawyers) were hounded by the left but found solace on the right. Protecting your individual rights includes yourself and your stuff, and we don’t look at that through partisan eyes. It’s just a fact. But the prosecutor needed some flesh, and the charges were eventually pleaded down to misdemeanor fourth-degree assault for Mark and misdemeanor harassment for Patricia.

I don’t see it, and neither did Mark or Patricia, who said they’d do it again under the same circumstances as if they had the right or something. Governor Mark Parson seems to agree.

The McCloskeys were indicted by a grand jury in October on felony charges of the unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering. Callahan later amended the charges to give jurors the alternative of convictions of misdemeanor harassment instead of the weapons charge.

Parsons has pardoned both, which local Dems have spun as elitism and injustice for others waiting for pardons.

That may be a fair statement, but here’s the thing. The only reason the McCloskeys had to be pardoned at all was that the over-ambitions Democrat prosecutor obsessed with advancing progressive narratives over actual rights and law and order jumped at the opportunity to mire the criminal justice system to elevate her name recognition with the national party.

And she did it because the McCloskeys were white and well off and confronted with a mob, marching in the name of a movement that was burning neighborhoods to the ground – most of them minority.

If she actually did her job instead of just playing politics, we’d have never heard of Patricia and Mark McCloskey. Of course, we’d never have heard of then circuit attorney Kim Gardner either, but she’s got a history of being a good Democrat, which means bad at prosecuting actual crime.

Murder’s in St Louis have risen, along with accusations that she refuses to prosecute violent crimes. She’s also been accused of professional misconduct and was supposed to face a hearing on multiple charges to get her law license revoked.

Gardner blames racism and politics for these “attacks” on her.

Can anyone say “projection.?