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Biden Transition … A Slide Toward Regulatory Hell

Should Joe Biden actually take control the U.S. economy is going to change direction. A Biden Administration will attempt to unleash the executive branch agencies. The agencies themselves expect Biden will be hands-off. The result will be a regulatory free for all.

What America Represents

The Election is November 3 … Choosing America

Americans, on November 3rd, we will choose someone to lead the nation. In making the choice we are choosing what kind of country we want to live in, work in, and raise their families in. We’ll be deciding what kind of America we believe in.


Notable Quote – Veronique de Rugy

The large number of rules lifted by federal, state and local governments in response to this pandemic reveals the sad reality that many regulations serve little to no good public purpose. Hopefully, people will realize how counterproductive these rules were and will not allow them to be reinstated after the crisis is over. In the …

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Quick Thought: Seriously? Sununu is going to make criminals out of patients? You made it personal

Steve’s post on “….NH’s Gov. Sununu Enacted the Same Order” has just made it personal. Real personal. Nice to see that TMEW and her docs can now be criminalized just for treating a disease. Yet another day spent in taking her to medical appointments and play support tech on the different videoconferencing tools being used …

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Gas Pump gas can

No, I just expect that the tools I buy will actually work!

This is in response to DCE’s post over at Weekend Pundit: I can get behind this idea.  If Trump wants to lock in the votes from some of the cold weather states all he needs to do is do for gas cans what he’s doing for dishwashers.

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The Truth About Income Inequality

The title, taken from the tax prof blog, is the simples beginning to this piece. Income inequality is a significant burr in the Left’s backside. Sorry, that’s not quite right. It is a burr they are trying to stick to everyone else backside. Class Warfare divides, but is it as bad as they claim?


If PG&E is The Problem California Democrats Are to Blame

The left creates disaster and misery everywhere that it goes unchecked. From urban plantations, and violent crime, to high taxes, and government overreach. The poster-child for these abuses is California, where the left is blinded by wildfires of failure, all their own making.