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Totalitarianism is alive in Concord- Here’s how we stop it

Just this week, the NH House has passed a massive list of onerous bills that are antithetical to liberty. From banning plastic bags and straws, to anti second amendment bills, one of which will require a 7-day waiting period upon purchasing a firearm, the Democrats have now begun heading into full totalitarian mode. We need to know where it’s heading next, and how to stop it.

We are officially living in a historical time in America history, where communism and socialism are viewed as trendy and good for society. Totalitarianism is defined as, “a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.” This is where we are quickly heading and its destructive to liberty.

It’s very important to be fully aware of the gravity of the situation we are currently in as a state and nation. We all know by now that those in authority are oppressing “we the people”, demonstrated by examples I provided earlier. The question is: Why are we still complaining on Facebook about it? All we ever do is talk about how bad things are getting, but hardly anyone puts a plan of action in place to effectively push back on the tyranny we are facing.

At what point do people have enough of the oppressive state and either, begin throwing off the chains of tyranny by force, or put their money where their mouth is and launch a full-scale attack on tyranny, as if their lives depend on it? After all, our lives DO depend on it. What I am saying used to be considered crazy talk just a few years ago. Now, I’m finding it a part of my everyday conversation among many other political activists. The problem is, there still seems to be no action. While legislators, particularly Democrats, are passing laws that will very soon lean to complete ruin of everything you own and have worked for, we continue to go to work, come home, talk with the family a bit, eat, sleep, then rinse and repeat.

Every day, the political left is always one, five and even ten years ahead of us, scheming of new ways to bring us to a complete totalitarian state. However, the response I STILL hear from people is, “Oh please, that’s just ridiculous. No one is talking about Communism. We just have disagreements, that’s all.”

That is the mindset of willful ignorance. That is the kind of mindset that leads us to despotism, because people refuse to be pulled from their comfort zone and look at reality. People would rather get their daily Dunkin Donuts coffee and hope that by chance, they can live through the current state-of-affairs as a free American before it all completely crumbles. We are blessed as Americans to live in a nation where we can go to the grocery store, or the movies, or to work, without fear of a bomb going off, like others fear in the Middle East and elsewhere. But America is not so exceptional as a nation that it can avoid human nature. Human nature always tends toward corruption. This is why the Founders believed in God and understood that if we, as a nation, turned our eyes to our loving God, we would be far less susceptible to become corrupted. The hope and expectation was to avoid the violent, despotic state that we are in today.

Now, for the good news. We can change things. We are the change and the hope that we wish to see. As many of you who read Granite Grok and follow my own personal posts know, I am the founder of The Patriot Initiative. Our mission is to restore culture and government. Our strategy is to get onto college campuses and high schools to hold public forums on cultural topic that we are facing today; sexism, racism, sexuality, family values, second amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, socialism, climate change… you get the idea by now. We are going to cover all these topics and more as we go from school to school, campus to campus, venue to venue, and we are doing just that!

In addition to the forums, we aim to inspire young men and women to run for public office and get involved in public leadership in the arena of politics and government. How are we going to do this? Simple. We have already begun holding Constitutional Leadership Trainings which are geared toward equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and understanding, to be effective and principled in politics and government.

We are going to train up and prepare young men and women, who believe in the Constitution and the founding values of America, to run for office and become the next leaders in government.

I don’t normally use this outlet to promote what I’m doing personally through The Patriot Initiative, but at this point, I see no choice. I see the same game being played by political operatives and the same strategy, while no one is focused on the root of the problem: the culture. We have a plan and vision, to be on the ground with a team of young people passionately building this movement. You can be a part of this. If you have daughters and sons who want to be involved, send them to us! If you also want to be involved, you can be! Our focus is on youth (18-35), but we welcome everyone to our team. Again, we are all about restoring culture, which includes everyone.

We can change the world, beginning right here, in New Hampshire and New England! If you want to visit the website and get further involved with the movement, you can visit  and can sign up for the newsletter, register for upcoming event, and get involved in other ways. We have vision, we just need your passion.