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Quick Thought: Another Indication That We Are Moving to Electing Kings Than Having a Republic

Biden Elected King

Of all places, I found a PDF over at Watts Up With That which is the largest climate site in the world that outlines what President Asterisk’s first orders of business.

You can download it here and I’ve listed it below.

Fifty Executive Orders – most set up to erase Trump’s (whose, to be truthful, erased Obama’s) E.O.s. Easy come, easy go unless a countervailing E.O. is brought to court. Something which in almost every case, some Democrat group did – they fought EVERYTHING he tried to do outside the Legislative process.

At this point, the only “fight back” I’ve seen is Texas AG Ken Paxton bringing the Biden E.O on freezing deportations on illegal aliens.


There is a site that list all Presidential Executive Order: The American Project. From a low of zero (William Henry Harrison) to 3,721 by FDR. The problem for me is that, lately, they are being used by both sides of the aisle for major ideological reasons – implementing what should really be done through the Constitutional process. In this, Presidencies are, more and more, becoming the “aggregator of Power” that the Founders feared. Two fundamental reasons:

Congress has given up on its Power and passed it onto the Executive Branch. The “Major Power” isn’t in creating broad and lengthy bills but letting the bureaucracy define the “Little Powers” via regulation and enforcement as well.

So many Laws have been passed, the Executive Branch can almost always find an “in” in which to operate and shove the “internal workings” the way the President wants. A limited Government that is has been constrained by the Constitution AND national elected representatives BELIEVING in those restrictions could never allow this to happen.

Trump did better than anyone else in the last regard – he deleted some of the Executive Branch’s Powers away:

4. Deregulated the nation’s economy. It’s not sexy. But Trump promised to cut two regulations for every new one proposed. He beat even that estimate, cutting eight regulations for every one added. If you think that doesn’t matter, consider this: Regulations currently cost the economy nearly $2 trillion a year, or about $14,000 a year for every U.S. household. Trump’s rule-cutting saved the average American household an average of $3,100 a year.

He saw us as adults; Biden sees us as little children that must told how to behave. I fear that Biden and those around him see those “lost regulations” as a bug and not a feature.


Early Calendar of Themed Days

January 20- Inauguration and 4 Crises
January 21- COVID
January 22- Economic Relief
January 23-24- Weekend
January 25- Buy America
January 26- Equity
January 27- Climate
January 28- Health Care
January 29- Immigration
January 30-31- Weekend
February – Restoring America’s Place in the World

January 20: Inauguration + Four Crises

1. Mask Mandate EO : Directs Agencies to require mask wearing and other public health practices for federal workers, in federal buildings, and on federal lands
2. WH Structure EO : Establishes the White House structure to combat COVID-19
3. Letter the WHO reversing the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw

4. Climate Rollback EO (including Keystone XL Pipeline) : Revokes or directs review of a series of Trump environmental actions; revokes Keystone XL permit
5. Sign instrument to rejoin the Paris Agreement ; to take effect 30 days later

6. Extend Eviction and Foreclosure Moratoriums
7. Extend Student Loan Forbearance

8. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce EO: Rescinds Trump EO banning diversity training and directs agencies to take action to advance diversity, equity,
inclusion, and accessibility
9. Repeal Muslim Ban : rescinds Muslim Ban and directs State Department to restart visa processing
10. Border Wall Proclamation : Terminates national emergency and halts obligation of funds for wall construction; directs a pause in ongoing constriction as soon as possible but no later than
within 7 days
11. Rescind Ban on Transgender Service : reserves restrictions on military service by transgender individuals
12. Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for Liberians: Reinstate DED and work authorization for Liberians (which expired January 10)

13. Whole of Government Racial Equality EO : Directs whole-of-government review of the equitable destruction of USG programming and funding
14. DACA : Directs DHS and DOJ to take all actions they deem appropriate to preserve and fortify

15. Census : Rescinds Trump EO and PM on excluding non-citizens from the census
16. Rescind Trump EO on Immigration Enforcement , cleaning the way for Removal Moratorium (see below)
17. Removal Moratorium : This DHS Secretary memo directs a review of immigration enforcement policies, interim priorities, and a 100-day pause on most removals
18. Send immigration bill to Congress

Government Process

19. Ethics EO : Establishes ethics standards for political appointees
20. Regulatory Freeze Memo : Freeze Harmful Trump regulations that are not yet final
21. Regulatory Process EO & PM : revokes harmful Trump EOs to provide flexibility to new


January 21: COVID

1. Supply Chain EO : Direct review of COVID supply chain and lays groundwork for invoking Defense Production Act
2. National Guard and FEMA EO: reimburses states up to 100% for using national Guard to combat COVID-19
3. Safe Travel EO: Directs agencies to implement public health measures on certain public modes of transportation (airports, aircraft, trains, public maritime vessels, intercity buses, and all forms of public transportation); directs agencies to act within 14 days to require that any person who seeks to board a flight to the U.S. from foreign country is required to provide a proof of a recent negative COVID-19 rest prior to departure
4. Global Health PPD : Directs Agencies to strengthen efforts to combat COVID-19 globally and strengthen global pandemic preparedness
5. Testing/Workforce EO: Creates Pandemic Test Board and directs HHS to support states’ efforts to deploy public health personnel to combat COVID-19
6. Data EO : Strengthens pandemic related data collection and transparency
7. Treatment EO : Directs actions to support research into novel COVID-19 treatment, secure an adequate supply, and promote equitable distribution

January 22: Economic Relief

1. Economic Relief EO : Directs agency action on Medicaid; Pell grants; SNAP; and unemployment insurance
2. Federal Workforce EO : Restores collective bargaining rights to federal employees; initiates action to roll back Trump administration’s Schedule F EO

January 25: Buy American

1. Buy American EO : Directs agencies to strengthen requirements for procuring goods and services from sources that will support U.S. businesses and workers

January 26: Equity

1. Policing Commission and Military Equipment Transfer EO: Creates policing commission and reinstates Obama-Biden policies governing the transfer of military-style equipment to local law enforcement
2. Prisons EO: Direct DOJ to take steps to improve prison conditions and begin to eliminate the use of private prison
3. Tribal Consultations PM: Directs agencies to strengthen engagement with tribal governments
4. Fair Housing PM: Directs HUD to take steps to promote equitable housing politics
5. Xenophobia Against AAPI EO: Disavows discrimination against the AAPI community, particularly in light of rhetoric around the COVID-19 pandemic
6. DOJ Prosecutorial and Sentencing Actions: Actions TBD
7. Voting Rights/Civil Rights EO (tent.): Actions TBD

January 27: Climate

1. Omnibus Domestic and International Climate EO : initiates series of regulatory actions to combat climate change domestically and elevates climate change as a national security priority
2. Scientific Integrity PM : Directs science and evidence based decision-making in federal agencies
3. PCAST Executive Order: re-establishes Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology
4. Announces the data for U.S.-hosted Climate Leaders’ Summit (April 22)

January 28: Health Care

1. Rescind Mexico City Policy and Review Title X Domestic Gag Rule : Rescinds Mexico City Policy, disavows the “Geneva Declaration” (a multilateral anti-abortion declaration signed by the Trump Administration), and organizations that provide counseling about abortion
2. EO on Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act : Takes steps to strengthen Medicaid and initiate an open enrollment period under the ACA

January 29: Immigration

1. Regional Migration/Border Processing EO : Directs creation of strategies to address root causes of migration from Central America and expand opportunities for legal migration, while taking steps to restore the U.S. asylum system by rescinding numerous Trump Administration policies
2. Refugee Policy EO (tent.) : Establishes the principles that will guide the Administration’s implementation of the U.S. Refugee Admission Program (USRAP) and directs a series of actions to enhance USRAP’s capacity to fairly, efficiently, and security process refugee applications
3. Family Reunification Task Force EO : Creates task force to reunify families separated by the Trump Administration’s Immigration policies

4. Legal Immigration EO : Directs immediate review of the Public Charge Rule and other actions to remove barriers and restore trust in the legal immigration system, including improving the naturalization process

February: Restoring America’s Please in the World

1. National Security Workforce & Talent EO : Directs agencies to recruit and retain employees to confront 21st century challenges, including through reskilling, professional development, and possible reserve corps to fill mission-critical gaps
2. Forever Wars EO: initiates a review of CT operations and options to responsible reduce such operations; reinstates transparency measures on civilian casualties; reinstates the policy of closing GTMO; initiates a process to migrate substantial use of force operations to Title 10
3. LGBTQI+ Rights Abroad PM : Bulbs on 2011 to strengthen U.S. diplomatic efforts to advance the human rights of LGBTQ + persons overseas
4. “NSD-½?” (organizations of the NSC)
5. Issue Interim Strategic Policy Guidance to Interagency
6. NSC Meeting at the State Department