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Sherry Frost Doth Protests Too Much


State Representative Sherry Frost is the gift that keeps on giving. I pray for her every night that she remains healthy and active. The fact is seeing her foibles, gaffs and guffaws are priceless. Politics is ugly these days so I always look forward to a good laugh. Many of her intense tweets have left me howling with laughter. Frosty never disappoints. Sherry Frost protests again!

This weekend provides yet another broad array of misguided quixotic color commentary to our entertainment repertoire. Frost takes to the pages of Foster’s Daily Democrat and declares,

“I am a proponent of reasonable gun legislation. Not surprisingly, this has earned me the ire and scorn of many in the pro-gun community.”

No. Sherry is completely wrong on this. Frost is a mere bumbling nut job with a two year Twitter history that speaks volumes about why she draws ire and scorn.

Now, Sherry Frost came to our attention very early on. Early as in when the Republicans had the majority and the legislative churnings were quiet on all things second amendment. Early in her first term, Frosty found herself in front of a House legislative committee for her incivility. “F**kers,” was the descriptor used to characterize Republican lawmakers with whom she disagreed and Democrat Leaders condemned her behavior. So there is that.

Frosty’s twitter storms and diatribes do not end there. Frost once posted in a tweet, “that being told to calm down makes her homicidal. It was Frost who used the Twitter Hashtag #gunnutf**kery in multiple tweets. Over the past two years, she has unleashed man-hating twitter threads, angry bitter diatribes that would starch the collar of any Handmaid in the Tale. (Channeling Aunt Lydia)

In November of 2018, GovPredict Blog featured Sherry Frost as the number one Pottiest-Mouthed Politician in the nation!

  1. Sherry Frost, a state legislator from New Hampshire has cursed an amazing 415 times since 2017 (353 if you don’t count “d*mn”). She has posted an original Tweet with a curse word 331 times and retweeted 84 potty-mouthed posts. Her favorite curse word is sh**, which she has used 119 times, with *rick (91 times) and f*** (66) close behind. Here’s a recent tweet.

If somebody took the time to research how many times she has been criticized, rebuked, chided and scolded over her demeanor, the list would be a considerable one and from both sides of the aisle. Of course, None of the controversy is her fault. It is always provoked by others.

Frost is guilty of oversharing on Twitter. We have all born witness to her posts. Every topic from gynecological appointments to her own homicidal tendencies.

So here, we are…once again, reading the rantings and ravings of a complete lunatic on the pages of a Seacoast Newspaper. Sherry Frost thinks the readers are chumps and will buy into this whole notion that ire and scorn by the Pro-Second Amendment crowd is exclusive. Hardly. The ire and Scorn she is experiencing runs wider and deeper because she is incapable of self-reflection and self-control.  She should be fearful, though…Fearful that two dudes in white suits are going to show up from South Fruit Street to throw a net over her.

Christopher Morley once quipped, “A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life.” However, the Women’s Defense League are not men. So where does that leave Sherry Frost?

Let us dispense with the pretense this is persecution by way of “Gun nuts.” Why would Pro-2A groups persecute some nut job they cannot take seriously?