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These Democrats in Concord are Numb Nuts

Shannon Watts

Right now, the Granite State is under siege from a barrage of gun control measures presently under consideration in the legislature. Gun control measures that are more reflective of states like Massachusetts, California, Maryland, Illinois and New York City. There is a bill for Universal Background checks (ah, but they do not call it that because they are liars). There is a seven-day waiting period bill and worst of all, a red flag law bill.

“Seven other states have passed red flag laws and the Granite State needs this!” Really? Actually eight states have passed it, along with Washington DC. One Moms Demand Harpy even went so far to say that many states that passed these laws have Republican Governors. Well, let us drill down and look at that for a second.

These states have passed Red Flag laws:

  • California
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Washington…And Washington, DC.

Only two States have Republican Governors. Charlie Baker in Massachusetts (does not count. He is more of a leftist Democrat and his party affiliation is merely titular). Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland is about 6 inches to the right of Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker.

Among the many components of legislation before us, these red flag laws are the most dangerous pieces of legislation. Other states, like Connecticut, California, Vermont and Indiana had a version of red flag laws, but unlike these recent red flag laws recently passed, these are, “ex parte.”

Police could literally kill one over having a disagreement with any person with which one comes in contact. You have an argument about with your neighbor about a fence, or a dog or a tree. The neighbor harbors a grudge to the point where such grudge festers. The disgruntled neighbor decides to use the red flag law to make an ex parte complaint. The police show up unannounced to take your guns from you. Your door is being broken down without you realizing it is the Police.

Have we learned nothing in the wake of Kristen Ruggiero? This woman used false reports, fabricated evidence of domestic violence against her husband, and did have him locked up. She went to prison for her crimes and later killed herself in Prison.

These people advocating for these bills are pathological liars. They do not tell the truth at all. Assault Rep Katherine Rogers is a liar. Deborah Altshiller is a liar. Shannon Watts is a liar. All these people are untruthful. There is never any meaningful debate about the merits of these bills.

In Concord this week, Shannon Watts and her out of state cadre of liars redirected the focus of the conversation on pearls, not on the merits of the bills.

Back in 2012, Maggie Hassan sounded like a broken record…All the Democrats sounded like broken records. They recited the same trope at least 200 times when the press microphone veered their way.

“The Republicans and their out of state money paid by the [Cook] Brothers think it is okay to influence politics and elections on a local level. By the way, lefties, it’s “Koch.”

Yet here we are today…The election of 2018 was all about out of state Democrat money that came in and overwhelmed the Granite State. Nevertheless, to be fair, there was no Republican opposition. The New Hampshire Republican party is all but dead. (We will see what the GOP Zombies do in 2020). In particular, Michael Bloomberg and his minions and millions were bussed in and showed up at our statehouse.

With all of that in consideration, what are the unwashed to think?

Here is what you can do. First, reach out to Governor Sununu. Governor Sununu has stated he does not think that New Hampshire gun laws need any improvement. Please tell him you agree so that he will veto the legislation. Second, stop arguing with all these numb nuts. It is pointless. They are idiots and you are not going to change their minds. Third, write to your State Rep, even if that State Rep is one of these numb nut idiots. They need your opposition in volumes. They may become strident and respond…So put that letter on Facebook for all to see. Fourth, Vote. Do not stay home. Vote. I am in 100% agreement when you think Republicans are numb nuts, too. However, the numb nuts you vote for with the R are far less harmful than those numb nuts with the D next to their names.

These State Reps are Jackasses. They don’t care a lick about you and your life’s problems. So effect policy where you can. Make your voice heard.