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New Hampshire Democrats Endeavor to Disarm the Populace


The advocacy for gun control marches on in the Granite State. Since the Democrats gained a majority in both the New Hampshire House and Senate, they have made gun control a top legislative priority. Gun control measures that are more reflective of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. The Left wants this. They can taste it. But why?

New Hampshire crimes involving guns are virtually nonexistent when compared to other states where draconian gun control laws are the rule of law. This is a solution in search of a problem. The Democrat party is corrupt. These leftists have brought the likes of Shannon Watts and her traveling Bloomberg carnival to the Granite state in an effort to transform New Hampshire into the same crime-ridden shit-holes from which they all came. These people are untruthful. They are putting forth a legislative agenda by any means.So what do pro-Second Amendment Granite Staters do? They fight back. They fight fire with fire. Pro-Second groups match symbolism and platitude for every leftist, anti-gun symbolism and platitude put forth. There is a distinct fundamental difference, however between leftist platitudes and Pro-Second Platitudes. The Second Amendment groups ground messaging in truth and fact, unlike the left that brings a sea of lies made up out of whole cloth.

At the forefront is the proposed red flag legislation. Imagine if you will, you have a disagreement with a family member. Perhaps this family member is hateful. We all have one of those. Just when you think you have moved on and agree to disagree, that family member, not letting the disagreement go, decides to make a call and report you as a danger. Under Red flag laws, the Police obtain an ex parte order and show up at your home to take away your guns. These red flag laws have had completely disastrous results in states where implemented, not to mention these measures completely proscribe all aspects of due process.

At present, there is an “Assault Weapons Ban,” A seven-day waiting period, “universal,” background checks (code for gun registration) and, “gun free school zone,” legislation that would effectively make the entire Granite State a gun free zone. The Bay State to our south conveniently blames New Hampshire for its gun problem. That does not make any sense since our crime rates are so much lower than Massachusetts. Why would the crime rates not be different if crime hinged on availability of guns?

I posit this question to these Kool-Aid drinking, gun-grabbing lefties: If there are the votes to literally ban guns, and take them all away from law-abiding citizens, what will the next legislative knee-jerk emotional endeavor be when crimes involving guns increase or there is a mass shooting?

This has nothing to do with crime involving guns. Guns are not the number one weapon for assaults and murders. This endeavor to disarm the populace is just that. Disarming the citizenry.

“Nobody wants to take away your guns.”

New Hampshire State Assault Representative Katherine Rogers has made this statement in past pursuits of anti-Second Amendment legislation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gun control is death of the Republic by one thousand cuts. Each legislative generation augments their restrictions, piece by piece, as a foundation for future generations. We will never arrive at full and complete gun control in just one decade.

Gun Control Advocacy will not go away. These people are liars and they are not brokers in truth. The good news is that Pro-2A folks are getting savvy in matching leftists, message for message and now they are all whining and name-calling, as evidenced by the latest Pearl-wearing publicity.

Here is what the citizens can do. Please email or write letters to your State Representatives, irrespective of party. Democrats are the party of corruption and the Republicans are the party of, “capitulation.” So write to the individual representative, giving strong and vigorous voice to your opposition of these laws. It is that simple. If you have the time available, go to the hearings and mark yourself as opposed. Join a local gun club and collectively make your voice heard. Finally, make sure you vote in all elections, be it town, state or national races. Gun control does not work. There are countless places rampant with crimes involving guns that show that disarmed citizens are less safe.