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Leftist Pseudonym Writers

Pseudonyms. Fake Names. False Information brokers. “I’ll take irrational people that run publications for one-hundred, Alex.”

Yes Indeed. I do believe the Seacoast Online has indeed created a pseudonym in order to put forth a narrative. On Friday, March 15 Seacoast Online posted a Letter to the editor, penned by one “Dr. Linda Rhodes, Durham, NH. Read the letter twice as the headline caught my attention: “Gun raffle, pearls are horrible political behavior.” Oh! The humanity…A Gun raffle and men wearing pearls. Call the UN!

There are lots of gun raffles going on across the state. They are part of the Granite State culture. Fire Departments have hosted them and Even the N.H. Police Chiefs have hosted them. Gun raffles are nothing new.

However, when said gun raffles are tied to a bitter political component, how convenient is that? The moral indignation becomes staggering.

This Dr. Rhodes writes,

No matter what your opinion about guns in our society, I think we can all agree that threatening or intimidating politicians or government officials with the threat of gun violence is wrong. The people making threats, even in casual comments, may not be the people who end up pulling the trigger, but their hateful speech can inspire others to actually take action. Look at what happened to Gabby Gifford and Steve Scalise, for example.

Oscar statue Award showClearly, I missed something. First, there have been no threats to anyone. Well, except of course threats to the women of the Women’s Defense League. Aside from the split infinitives in the above paragraph, the rant is little more than leftist emotional screed.

As stated, I read the rant twice. Moreover, I searched the web. No arrests, interviews or things of the like giving rise or indicia to threats by folks that are pro Second Amendment. Folks actively and proactively advocating against these draconian gun control bills.

Dr Rhodes continues…

 Let’s be clear – they did not name the gun “Cherry Frost” after a “cherry frost slushie at 7-Eleven”, as Bob Clegg tried to explain. This sophomoric display, set up at the State House, can clearly be interpreted as a threat to Representative Sherry Frost, of Dover.

No, Sorry Dr. Rhodes, is not being clear at all. You are merely creating a straw man argument. Any reasonable person who is not currently afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome is not going to make the leap you are soliciting from your readers. Well, perhaps other like-minded Kool-Aid Drinkers. But you have to do better than that. In order to convince readers that the mere existence of the styling of a particular rifle was indeed a means to threaten Representative Sherry Frost, You all need to lay off the drugs. You all suffer from hyper intensive Hoplophobia. You, Sherry Frost and the whole silly churlish lot from the Moms Demand cadre.

Dr. Rhodes is a Charlatan. Late British writer Hugh Kingsmill once quipped,

“A Charlatan makes obscure what is clear; A thinker makes clear what is obscure.”  

Dr. Rhodes continues…

This sophomoric display, set up at the State House, can clearly be interpreted as a threat to Representative Sherry Frost, of Dover.

Sophomoric. I like the word. However, Dr. Rhodes, when attacking, you should avoid using passive voice sentences.  According to Meriam-Webster, “Sophomoric,” is defined as, “Conceited and overconfident of knowledge but poorly informed and immature.” And, “lacking in maturity, taste, or judgment.” Good word. And, especially good if you want to make your attack personal while attempting to take the tone and tenor of being above the fray. Sometimes it works and you dupe people into believing.

And, coming to the defense of Representative Sherry Frost? Really. I wonder if Dr. Rhodes (If Dr. Rhodes is real) has read Representative Frost’s Tweets over the last two years. The Grok follows them regularly and here is what we can learn in a thumbnail narrative…just from her tweets.

Sherry Frost is a teacher. Not a “Teechur-Teacher,” a Yoga Teacher. Who does not have healthcare…or it is too expensive…or she does not have any money…or she needs to get her lady parts examined…or she has a potty mouth…or her car is broke down… and she does not have the money to get it fixed…or the Democratic fundraiser tickets are too expensive…or she is homicidal…or she’s depressed.

In sum total Representative Frost presents a picture of a white trash woman who is poor, drives junky cars, holds a State Rep seat nobody else has time for…swears a lot on Twitter, has health problems and is depressed and homicidal. Frost comes across as a train wreck who posts stupid things, talks to stupid people and overshares on Twitter. That is Sherry Frost. That is the general description of a nut job. She is a self-appointed victimhood Piñata, putting herself out there for conservatives to take a poke at, yet furious when she is ignored. Frost is little more than a crash test dummy for arrogant Democrats who humor her in polite company. Those on the other side of the aisle simply laugh at her and snicker at her posts, curious as to what swear word she’s used today. Sherry Frost is an empty pant suit…Useless and ineffectual as a State Rep. She isn’t worth the threat. That is the real life reality.

This letter is silly and pure pedestrian Straw man trope. Which leads me to my final suspicion. I do not know for sure, but, “me thinks” this letter to the Editor is an inside job. Some frustrated lefty writer penned and posted as a means to render those Trump Derangement ablutions to tangible personal viscera.

Finally, there was not one lick of critical thinking in the penning of this letter. Frankly, the letter is juvenile as it absolves completely the Moms Demand crowd, while failing to call out their threats to dox the ladies of the Women’s Defense League. You folks need to up your game. This is shameful.