Unhinged and Unstable Equals Dangerous

Left-Wing-hateThe Democrat Party is unhinged. Unstable leftists are listening. It has become dangerous to be a Republican or a Conservative. With Maxine Waters’ caustic rhetoric, Violence is now all but inevitable. Unhinged is the 69-Year-Old College Professor in Las Vegas who shot himself because he doesn’t like Trump. Left-wing Nut job James Hodgkinson shot Rep. Steve Scalise.  Another such Nut job tried to stab Republican Candidate Rudy Peters during an appearance in Castro Valley California. And, the Wyoming GOP Office was set on fire.  They are truly unhinged, Unstable…and dangerous.

Antifa-Violence-At-MSUThink it cannot happen here in New Hampshire? Think Again. How many out of state folks are pouring into the Granite State to resist, demonstrate and raise hell? And, likely among them are violent and unbalanced folks, capable of violence.

Left-wing-hate-2 Inversely, there are many among us aptly suited to provide protection for our candidates. Let us purpose to protect them. Stop those threats dead in their tracks. Take time out of your busy schedules and volunteer…help formulate a responsible plan to do this. I implore you.  Do not let our candidates be put at risk. Public appearances are part of the campaign process. Do not let these leftist thugs hurt them. Stop them when they attack.