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Intellectual Takeout Crashes the Blogosphere Car on Father’s Day

Today is Sunday, June 16, 2019: Father’s Day. A day where Americans celebrate and honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. Well, Almost.

In the present, fathers are maligned, scorned and denigrated. With the ever-cacophonous voices of the Transgender community, Same Sex Marriage advocates, all in league with the grievance industry, the groups seek recognition and equality, but at the same time actively denigrate traditional family units to that end. A redefined faux equality, if you will.

In the, “Me too,” era, men are maligned as being toxic for their masculinity…or just for no other reason than, “being male.”  Television commercials portray fathers as dolts who are completely clueless in caring for children. Endless leftist screed invalidating fathers.

Diminishing the role of fathers is not a new cultural journey. Paternal nullification has long been a cornerstone of the feminist movement. We see this trend most manifested in the court systems throughout the nation. When a custody case involving a child heads to court, the mother walks through the door with a distinct advantage of the presumption that she will be the custodial parent. The father (or sperm donor) on the other hand will now beg, negotiate and give up much to obtain even reasonable access to his children.

The larger social conversation largely surrounds child support payments. With the advent of, “family courts”, the journey becomes more difficult, as family courts are not constitutional courts, but courts of equity.

Writing this, there will be those who will counter, “Yes, but there are bad dads who don’t care about their children; or, abuse their children; or make bad choices. All of that is true. However, there are extremely bad mothers, too because were that not true there would be no foster care system.

Leftists and judicial activists have long been targets of mine in this issue because much of the ills in place are mostly attributed to leftists. Today, however, I will be calling out the conservatives on this issue. Specifically, a blog site, Intellectual Takeout that thought it prudent to post this obtuse story on Father’s day.

Joe Carter from the Action Institute writes,

Yet there isn’t much stigma attached to being a “deadbeat dad”—and in some communities, there is no disgrace at all to being an absent father.


Really Joe? What about the sperm donor (yes, sperm donor. that is what men have been reduced to) who gets behind on support payments because he is out of work following a non-elective surgery? A hard struggle getting caught up follows the missed payments and the enforcement mechanism that follows does not slow its roll. How about it, Joe?

Carter, goes on to say, “Men who have the ability to provide financial support for their children but refuse to do so should be among the most shamed groups in America.”  What does that mean, Joe? How do you define the, “Ability?” There are men who simply choose not to work, and live off the systems themselves. There are men who work and could not care in the least about their kids. Some women exist who are court ordered to pay support and choose not to. We will always have those folks, as detestable as they may be.

Right now, there are fathers working more than one job to pay support for their children. Fathers who are making every human attempt possible to be engaged and involved with their children. Fathers who struggle through the courts to get visitation. Fathers who, due to a difficult and bitter divorce are suffering to be engaged with their kids. Fathers of children whose mothers act to alienate the father from his own kids. The struggle only gets worse when the ex gets married. Frequently, the Dad is “disposable,” and Mom sends a Probate petition to terminate parental rights. As if that is not a gut punch.

This entire advocacy for enforcement of deadbeat dads takes little consideration of the men who are attempting to do the right thing. In Joe Carter’s neatly packaged world, Hardworking, persevering fathers, doing their level best in miserable circumstances, caught up the deadbeat dad enforcement web is just mere collateral damage.

There is indeed a stigma attached to, “Deadbeat Dads.” The reality is that some simply do not care. Meanwhile, Fathers who break their backs for their kids get that institutional mantra pinned on them.

This is a shameful rant for Intellectual Takeout to post on Father’s day. A day when many fathers across the nation are sad because they are not spending time with their children. Now, they have Joe Carter giving them the finger. Hash tag: Fake Christian.

The final Irony is how Intellectual Takeout has done such a fine job taking up paternal persecution. Two days ago, Jessica Troilo did a fine rant entitled, “Divorced Dads Often Dissed by School.”

I celebrated Father’s Day with my wife, and my youngest daughter who is now 21. My two older children have families of their own so, I might only hear from them via phone or email. I know the pain of not being with my children on holidays, specifically father’s day. Is it too much to ask to simply honor fathers on this day? Fathers are under cultural attack all other days of the week. Stop being stupid, Intellectual Takeout.