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Virus Shutdown Games

mask keep calm and lets play

Virus Shutdown Games

Virus Shutdown games are a means by which one can enjoy his or herself in the midst of the, “Rona.” In the military we often said, “Embrace the Suck,” A less-known contemporary military colloqialism is, “Another Fallujah,” denoting a screwed up place, just crawling with bad guys. Presently, we have all these leftist cucks, wielding Stalinist power, suppressing rights and, yeah…pretty much extinguishing constitutional rights. This is, “Another Fallujah,” So we might as well, “Embrace the Suck”.

I do not wear a mask. I refuse. I was a germaphobe before COVID19 so my life is status quo. the habit of keeping my distance from people already existed. I never get sick…Except immediately after a week-long visit with my grandkids. Love those little petri dishes.

I have heard all the criticisms and scoldings for not wearing a mask. Now, its game time.

The Mask Off Game

A middle-aged, sharped faced woman (she really was rather unattractive) attempted to scold me in the middle of Hannford. (‘Hannafords’ for the Newport-Claremont Cadre) “Where is your mask?” She exclaimed. I gave her an uncertain look and asked, “What?” In a scolding tone, she asked, Your Mask. You gotta mask?” “What?” I asked again, feigning confusion. Frustrated, the sharp-faced woman pulled her mask down to her neck to speak to me. Before she could speak, I responded by jumping back a step in startled fashion, blurting out, “Woah Sh*t! You should stick with that mask permanently!” Stunned and visibly angry, she now knew she had just been punked. The woman spun on heel and walked off. I followed with a parting shot… “Watch that social distancing!” Mission accomplished.  I got her to remove the mask and I didn’t even ask her to.

Cataract Diversion Game

Perambulating the grocery store aisles against the directional arrows will frequently draw attention of complaint sheep. Looks like fun so, I do it.  When called out on it, I claim to have not seen the arrows. “They’re big and red! How can you not see them?”  The complaint sheep explains. I then blurt out, “I have cataracts and my field of view is limited… Wait. Did you just ask me about my medical condition? I believe that you violated of my Hipaa privacy rights. What is your name?” The conversation is usually over at that point and the sheep scurries off.

Occasionally, I run into an SJW who won’t back off so I go to the default: Faux coughing into my elbow. That sends them running. Other friends who otherwise don’t fancy open carry, are now open carrying. People tend not to address the lack of mask, they tell me.

SJW’s at Large

There is no shortage of SJW’s, plying their cause celebre. Kind of like Halloween for Cucks.  Ran into a couple of mask-clad vegan women in Walmart last week. Why do Vegans hang out in the meat section?  That is akin to licking Chinese door knobs, is it not? Well, I was looking for sausage…. And they were decrying the murder and mayhem that lie before them.  One then pulls her mask down (winning)  and asked me if I was looking for meat. (She was born stupid and greatly increased her birthright) “Well, this IS the meat department, No?.” She then politely asked me if I was aware of what “these animals endure,” so that I could have meat. I told her that was a sad story, but my diet consists largely of victuals that once had a face and a mother. They stopped talking. Vegan activists don’t like that.

The Sheep Compliance Test

Ever drive by a Starbucks and see the long line? Why? Their coffee sucks. But since I was driving by, and I saw windows down, I would call out, “Hey! Where’s your mask?” The complaint drive, quickly puts on his mask and gives me the thumbs up.  I give him the thumbs up and I am grinning ear to ear because doofus doesn’t know I’m laughing AT him. Now, I did the same to a jacked up Diesel Ford Pick-up with Mud Tires. Guy Gave me the middle finger. I howled with laughter. So I spun back around pulled up next to him and explained. Now he howled with laughter and apologized for the finger. I said, “No!” You gave the correct response.” 

I learned something early on. Most of these people are phonies. I observe and watched the behaviors of many mask-clad folks. One was wearing bright blue rubber gloves. The only thing different about her behavior were the gloves and mask. She was still bolting down the aisle, brushing past people, obstructing the aisle while people waited for her to move…same self-focused pre-covid shopping behavior…Finger-banging products on the shelves. Scratching at the edges of her mask. None of her shopping behaviors had changed one lick, other than wearing a mask and gloves. That amounts to virtue signaling with props. I see this all the time and these SJW’s want us to take them seriously.