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What are the passports for

What Are The Vaccine Passports Really For…?

There has been a great deal of concern over the problem of fraudulent vaccine passports. I’m not sure why? The vaccine is a fraud. Even after you get it, you can still get sick. Worse, you become more likely to spread it because, according to the experts, one thing it might do is lessen symptoms.

jabbed - not jabbed - j notice

Extending The Logic Of No Vax, No Service

Leftists want to ruin Americans’ lives for not conforming to Covid fear porn or complying with vaccine mandates. No effort has been made to convince us Covid is scary or the vaccine is worthwhile; instead, they lie to us with cheap statistical tricks and admonish us with thinning patience.


This Amendment to SB155 Could Ban COVID-Passports in New Hampshire…

New Hampshire Senate Bill 155 (SB155) has a bunch of COVID-related Emergency Order-ish remedies in it. It establishes temporary health partners, allows for emergency licensing of medical providers, allows pharmacists to test and vaccinate pharmacy technicians, and could include a proposed amendment to prohibit vaccine passports.