What Are The Vaccine Passports Really For...? - Granite Grok

What Are The Vaccine Passports Really For…?

What are the passports for

There has been a great deal of concern over the problem of fraudulent vaccine passports. I’m not sure why? The vaccine is a fraud. Even after you get it, you can still get sick. Worse, you become more likely to spread it because, according to the experts, one thing it might do is lessen symptoms.

But if you line up and get The Jab™, you get a piece of paper, and that entitles you VIP access to the New Normal™. A state-issued document you can present to attend a concert, access public spaces (you oxymoron), even keep your job.


A passport is a proof that you have accepted a pharmaceutical treatment that cannot keep you out of the hospital or prevent the pathogen from killing you. But most importantly, as noted above, it does not make you less likely to catch COVID, may make you more likely given all the data we now have, and to then spread it because you may not know you are infected when you use that passport to access passport-only approved spaces.

What purpose do the passports serve? And why would anyone care if it was genuine or not? People with fake passports are significantly less of a public health risk than those with a genuine article.

But here we are.

I know what I think, how about you?