UK Bails on Vaccine Passports - Drops PCR Test Requirement for Vaccinated - Granite Grok

UK Bails on Vaccine Passports – Drops PCR Test Requirement for Vaccinated

Boris Johnson - Screen Grab

The United Kingdom still thinks COVID vaccines are dreamy and want everyone to get jabbed, but they have announced that there will be no legal requirements, and vaccine passports are officially off the table.

Tory PM’s raised a snit about the project claiming it was untenable or at least unenforceable. Boris Johnson, sensing this lack of support, has backtracked and not just on passports and mandates. He is proposing changes to the law that will


‘These extraordinary times required necessary but intrusive measures. But I’m determined to get rid of any powers we no longer need because of our vaccine defences.

‘I will set out the next phase in our Covid response shortly.’

The powers expected to be repealed include those allowing the closing down of the economy, the imposing of restrictions on events, the power to temporarily close or restrict access to schools, and powers to detain infectious people.


The only thing extraordinary was the unwarranted jack-booting of entire nations over a virus almost everyone survives. A process that abrogated freedom and locked down more than people. Science and debate about treatments or policies other than those favored by public health tyrants were also censored.

Intrusive barely begins to describe it. I wish this declaration against despotic passports and mandates were an admission that human rights have precedence over political fearmongering, but they do not.

This position is based entirely on the idea that they’ve reached a vaccination plateau that allows them to change the policy. And that appears to me to be another Faustian bargain, of sorts.

Look, we’re less evil, and we’re selling that as liberty, even though it looms large over everyone moving forward. Congratulations, this is the new normal.

While I’m happy to report someone (anyone) declaring passports unnecessary, the correct response is, we never had this authority. We apologize for thinking we did. We’re never going to do it again. And here’s what we’ll do to keep that promise.

Instead, waterboarding the public and the economy is still on the table. They’ve decided to stop torturing you for the moment.

If I read the tea leaves correctly the expected response is something akin to Stockholm Syndrome.

Anyone who can’t manage this will find themselves on the wrong side of everything.