Quick Thought: And HOW does NH Gov. Sununu spell "Remorse"? - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: And HOW does NH Gov. Sununu spell “Remorse”?

Chris Sununu

I get things. All the time. A LOT of them. Steve, too. A lot of the time, we just don’t have the bandwidth to use them but this was special.  In my email came this.

I had a discussion with <redacted> last night re: Sununu’s “remorse” over how he handled the Covid incident.  He has  told <that person> we will not lock down again, there will be no mask mandate, there will be no vaccine passport here in NH.

I’m glad to hear he has “seen the light” (Sorry for the mixed metaphor), but if this holds true, then my presenting this Covid talk to the Gov. doesn’t really accomplish anything.  He’s already stated to <redacted> that he’s “there.”  If he waivers at all, then we have a different ballgame at which point I would agree, we need to be more forceful.  What are your thoughts on this approach <redacted another>?

MY response, even though it wasn’t directed at me, was:

His “remorse” is spelled:  “U S S E N A T E”.

Just like his older bruddah who decided he could delay his campaign against Jeanne Shaheen 3 terms ago, this “remorse” is too little, too late.  And late recognizing what he did to thousands of New Hampshirites, not to mention the damage to The Rule of Law with respect to Constitutional restraint.

And he wants us to let him go and jump into the Washington swamp???