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Ban COVID Passports – Please Sign the Petition

US Ministry of health passport

COVID passports are a bad idea and while we’re all in on telling “them” – whoever they are – to Stuff it, preventing the problem in the first place is a better idea.

There are more reasons than I can think to prevent this, but we’ve covered them, so I won’t revisit that here. You need to know that regardless of your inclination toward or away from vaccines, suspicious chemistry mandates, or making people take drugs or requiring any medication is a bad idea (not to mention unethical). HIPPA, Nuremberg, Right to refuse, and so on (and on, and on…).

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Politicians clearly do not care, and many Americans are not clear on why it’s a problem. I’ll summarize. What’s next? If you grant them this power over others, what will they use it for in the future?

It could be anything, and that should scare people with children and without.

Send a message.

Sign the petition. Ban COVID Passports.

You will experience no medical side effects for “signing,” but history may thank you for this moment of your time. Liberty certainly will.


Note: While it should appear obvious I feel compelled to point out that the featured image is a farce, at least I hope it is.