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Local Democrat Says It’s Time for Vaccine Passports in New Hampshire

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Miraculously misguided New Hampshire Democrat Mindi Messmer says it’s time. Time for what? Fascism. She can’t use the word but this idea that she says, “it is time for,” is … fascist!


Mindi Messmer post time for vaccine passports
Mindi Messmer past time for vaccine passports


Before we get to her fascism, Mindi needs to widen her media net. This so-called pro-science Democrat didn’t check the science again. The “Pfizer Vaccine” does not have full FDA Approval. As noted here, “a Pfizer Vaccine” was approved, but it is not the one Mindi got (or anyone else in NH – yet).

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And the FDA-approved juice is NOT widely available yet. It is quite the opposite.

You can still get in abundance the original Pfizer, Moderna, and J &J Jabs we have had all year, but those are still in human trials; inside the bodies of Mindi Messmer and others, thousands of whom have died, and tens of thousands of whom have suffered harm. They are only authorized under Emergency use authorization (EAU). As in, not FDA approved.

One more point. The Booster at present is only approved for the immunocompromised who have had all their shots. You don’t have it and you can’t just get it and…it is not going to make any difference (that’s a prediction, and I bet it is a damn good one).

Again, anything but widely available.

But we are not here to discuss that (again). We are here to talk about an even bigger problem; that Mindi and her Democrat buds think this has anything to do with freedom.

They want to give the government power to regulate this.

I don’t spend much time on Facebook these days (they don’t deserve me), and I rarely find time to comment on friendly feeds, but someone dropped this in my lap and the epic degree of arrogance and ignorance (of the vaccine passport idea) begged for a response.

So, here it is.


Advocates of such measures are almost always of the misplaced opinion that if we let the government put on this boot that the objects of their current outrage will be the only ones we’ll ever find under it. Not true. The government never gives back power willingly whether you give it, or they take it.  And one day, much to your surprise (certainly not mine), and despite all the warnings of history, you will find yourself under the boot instead of in it.

And it makes no difference if you think they (passports) work or not. As proof, just Replace “Mindi Messmer” with “Donald Trump” and you’d all be screaming “fascism.” And you’d be right for once. The idea of vaccine passports is fascist no matter who wants it. 


I’ll likely not head back to view the army of straw men that are most assuredly being constructed in response.  I’ve already wasted too much time by adding my few cents. Let them think they won, and one day, maybe not long from now, they might remember what a great idea they thought this was and that we warned them, and they laughed.

One more point. Government-mandated vaccination or passports are currently illegal in NH. The state cannot require them, nor can any town or county. If Democrats want this tyranny, they will need to get back into the majority, take the governor’s office, and repeal the law. Then they’d need to write and pass another one mandating their fascism.

Keep that in mind as election season rolls around, and make sure you make time to ask. Are you running on requiring government-mandated medical treatment passports before Granite Staters can go about their daily lives?

And then, but doesn’t that violate the privacy clause in the NH Constitution that y’all really wanted ‘cuz abortion?

Or, how about, does this mean you will require registered sex offenders to have that noted in their “passports” as well?

Then there’s what can you do to ensure that this does not escalate or expand into demands that infringe on other rights or are you looking forward to expanding it to infringe on other rights?

Do I need to keep going? No, I think you’ve got this.