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Eric Ciaramella2

In 2017 “Whistleblower” Was Plotting to Have Trump Removed From Office.”

Whistleblowers are only a protected species when they blow the right whistle. Put more succinctly, blow a whistle on the right. Ratting out the Left, Deep State, the Media or Democrats (if and when these things are not one and the same) is bad. Ratting out the right is good. Especially if you lied when …

In 2017 “Whistleblower” Was Plotting to Have Trump Removed From Office.” Read More »

sham impeachment

“The Sham is over”

New Impeachment Video 🚨: The Senate Exists for Moments Like This #HoldTheLine — The Senate Majority (@NRSC) January 21, 2020 If one goes by the strict interpretation of “Impeachment”, it cannot start until a President starts his term.  Yet, before Trump was even sworn in, the Democrats started the process and laying down their …

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US Senate 2

Senate Pretrial Impeachment Rule Setting Session

The Senate trial has now completed the last preliminary step. Democrats made efforts to subpoena more witnesses and documents. The House is should come to trial with their evidence ready to go. There were changes to rules but not enough to suit the Democrats.

ruble-bribe money bribery

Impeachment Manager Says Trump Attempted Bribery

Democrat Rep. Jason Crow, a House impeachment manager says Trump attempted bribery. That is something the Democrats did not impeach him for, bribery. The difficult thing about Trump’s impeachment is that he’s not accused of any crime. This whole impeachment has been partisan and political to the extreme.

Lev Parnas In Court For Arraignment On Campaign Finance Violations

Lev Parnas, The Left’s Latest Impeachment Hero, Lied

I’ve lost count. How many “I have you now” moments have the left (Democrats, the Media) unleashed about Trump? To fawning praise and wall-to-wall coverage. Dozens, hundreds, all for what? The word you seek is naught. So, it is no surprise that Lev Parnas, the latest bombshell, is another dud.

Partisan Politics Should Stop

You Just Need Commonsense

Sometimes you need a really good lawyer to understand what’s what but with this impeachment you just need commonsense. Let’s think about the Democrats’ impeachment case against President Donald Trump. It’s obvious the Democrats do not have an offense sufficiently grave for impeachment.

Even “The Dude” is getting in on the quid quo pro game

I just don’t understand how Biden’s self-admission ON VIDEO of withholding $1 billion from Ukraine if the state prosecutor that was investigating his son (Hunter) wasn’t fired (“son of a b****, he got fired!”) just hasn’t gotten much play.