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Clapping – what goes around, comes around

Ted Cruze mocking Pelosi's sarcastic handclap

It proves that sometimes, sarcasm can be used both ways and in this case, the second time it has teeth.  When Nancy “Trump will always be Impeached” Pelosi did that to Trump at the end of the State of the Union, many though it was an “in your face” moment showing how politicized Govt has become. She was mostly criticized by the Right for her lack of “civility”, sorta like when Obama used to flip the bird at people masked as rubbing his temples.  Everyone knew what it really meant.



And now Cruz has made sure to have it rebound – this time as pure ridicule.

After all, this whole sham will now be known as Nancy “I lost my slamdunk Impeachment” Pelosi forevermore.

Polite applause appreciated – good form, Ted, is using Alinsky’s Rules!

(H/T: Twitchy)