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In The Beginning There Was Adam Schiff…

In The Beginning There Was Adam Schiff

In the beginning, there was Adam Schiff.  The American people smelled what he was selling and they shoveled out of the House. The House alone has the power to impeach the President of the United States (POTUS).  It  investigates, gathers evidence and decides whether to bring charges.

The House alone decides whether to try to prosecute their case before the Senate.

Senate process

The Senate alone has the power to hold the trial of POTUS.  The Senate’s job is to hear the case for impeaching POTUS.  They are not supposed to enhance the case.  The Senate is not responsible to make the case. The Senate provides a forum in which to hear a case the House brings. After hearing the House and the accused the Senate votes to acquit or to remove from office.

So why did the Democrats talk about bringing in more new witnesses?  The answer is the one-sided show trial of the House is over. The months-long farce is over. The House did a poor making their case. Now the House wants the Senate to do its job for them.

The Senate has given the House Manager the opportunity to present the case they have built. Now the Senate is doing something the House failed to do; they are hearing from POTUS.  The Senate is allowing a defense to be presented. The defense is laying out the facts, evidence, and law the House just simply ignored.


POTUS will be acquitted.  Why? Well, because the articles brought by the House, on their face, do not satisfy the constitutional standard for removal from office. If the charges are insufficient to support removal they require acquittal.

The House’s kangaroo court is over. Pelosi’s has lost control of the show. Her delay tactics were as fruitless as they were baseless. To date, the House prosecution has been utterly feckless. That means; the President must be acquitted. The House has failed to prove anything; not even their own charges, as insufficient as they are.

The House evidence is simply inadmissible in any federal court. It is hearsay. It is nothing more than a pack of accusations, innuendo and hearsay. The only fact witness is Ambassador Sondland and he supports POTUS contention of no quid pro quo.

Partisan sham

They cannot prove quid pro quo and there it no allegation. Bribery is not among the impeachment articles. Treason is not among the impeachment articles. The House Democrats alone did impeach POTUS. They dis so  without even an allegation of violation of a felony statute. Not a single criminal law violation, not a single civil law violation. That has never happened before and it should never have happened this time. This is an entirely partisan political act to tamper with a valid election.

This impeachment is a partisan sham.  The House Democrats are angry with the American people for voting Donald Trump into office. Adam Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager said as much. He said Trump was wrongly elected. Schiff fears the American people learned nothing from their mistake. He wants to prevent American Voters from making the same mistake again in 2020 at the ballot box.

Let the arrogance of that sink in. Schiff seems to feel the House cannot trust the American people to elect their own president. That appears to mean Rep. Schiff thinks allowing you to vote is too dangerous. Certainly, you should not vote until he receives reassurances you will vote correctly.

More questions than answers for taxpayers

The Democrats do not want to get into actual facts, admissible evidence, and material witnesses.  There is corruption in Ukraine.  As it turns out, the evidence shows it is the responsibility of the Democrats. Why was no experience Hunter Biden making $83,000 per month from the gas company Burisma? When did the U.S. acquire authority to remove and replace prosecutors in another country?

Two gentlemen were convicted in Ukrainian courts for interfering in U.S. elections.  Their conviction faced reversal because they were sitting members of the Ukrainian parliament. In Ukraine that makes them positionally immune from prosecution. That’s not the same as being innocent of the charges.

There was former ambassador Yovanovitch. She communicated a thou shalt not prosecute list to a Ukrainian prosecutor.  There are billions in disappeared aid money. In the beginning, there was Adam Schiff. The American people smelled what he was selling and they shoveled out of the House.