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[Update] Breaking: Trump Acquitted by US Senate on Both Articles


The US Senate has Acquitted President Trump on the Abuse of Power Charge brought by House Democrats. This is not surprising, not is Mitt Romney Joining 47-Democrats.

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah was the lone Republican joining all 47 Democrats in voting in favor of removing Trump from office on the first article of impeachment. Romney, the Republican Party’s 2012 standard-bearer, became the first senator in U.S. history to vote to remove a president from the same party.

I’m curious about what Mitt has to hide in Ukraine or elsewhere. That’s been the locus of opposition to Trump. A drive to get him out of office before he uncovers the Left’s malfeasance. I’ll have to start digging into that but I bet there’s something there.

As for the vote, aside from Romney, who’s not even a real Republican, the Senate Majority stood firm. And you should too. 

There will be a lot of push back in the coming days and we’ll be providing plenty of content to rebut the left’s claims on both articles. Points you can use in conversation or on special media as out liberal friends lose their minds.

And yes, we can use these points against our Democrat members of congress as the election season spins up in New Hampshire and elsewhere. We’ll show how they abused their power and why they need to be removed from office.

Stay tuned. And not just because there’s still another vote.

[Update]  Acquitted on both Articles.

The vote was 52-48 for acquittal on the first article, for “abuse of power,” with only Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), crossing party lines.

The vote was 53-47 for acquittal on the second article, for “obstruction of Congress,” with Romney voting “not guilty.”

So, what’s next? Will the House impeach him again, or have they harpooned their polling numbers enough?

What’s the next scandal? I heard it might have to do with Turkey.

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