Democrats Impeached Trump for Working to Help People - Granite Grok

Democrats Impeached Trump for Working to Help People

Impeachment squad

People’s thoughts about the hypothetical situation described by Hunter Taylor (2/8/20, Laconia Daily Sun) aren’t relevant to the Trump impeachment. No evidence, as opposed to speculation and unsubstantiated allegations, indicates that Trump demanded, or that Ukraine performed the Democrat alleged preconditions before aid delivery.

The transcript of the Trump-Zelenskyy July 25 phone doesn’t identify any preconditions. Ukrainian officials have repeatedly denied that U.S. aid was contingent on preconditions.

The only first-hand evidence presented at the House impeachment investigation was that Trump demanded no preconditions for aid delivery.

In our country, we only convict people based on what they do, not on their thoughts (or most of us would be in prison), so whatever people speculate that Trump may have considered is irrelevant.

The evidence indicates that our aid was delayed to protect American taxpayer money by ensuring the new Ukrainian administration’s commitment to fighting corruption.

House Democrats claimed they had an overwhelming case for impeachment without the testimony of John Bolton or others. Unlike previous Congresses, they didn’t let the Courts decide the questions of Executive Privilege.

Speaker Pelosi indicated that Democrats have been planning to impeach Trump for about two years, so if they didn’t obtain all the evidence they wanted, it’s their own failure.

House Democrats talk about impeaching Trump again rather than working on behalf of the American people. That’s up to them. Four years of investigations by Obama’s FBI and CIA; a Special Prosecutor with 16 experienced, Trump-hating prosecutors and 45 FBI agents; and about a dozen Congressional investigations haven’t found as much as a parking violation.

Obama’s administration was concerned about Biden’s apparent conflict of interest in the Ukraine. Biden’s demand to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma, identified as corrupt by the Democrats’ witness, is prima facie evidence of possible corruption.

Nevertheless, had Trump considered the 2020 election, he wouldn’t call out Biden. Biden would/will be easy to defeat. Biden’s nasty (even to Democrats), a plagiarist, a liar, an aging buffoon, and he has a legislative record that can be used against him.

The winners of an investigation of Biden would be Biden, if he is innocent, or the Democrat Party and the American people if he was shown to be corrupt.

The Democrat Impeachment managers’ claims that the Ukraine is vital to our national interest are silly. If Obama had believed it, he would have sent them lethal weapons when Russian tanks were attacking.

Despite all the Democrat allegations, the slanders, the lies, and the Stalin-like show trial, there is no evidence that President Trump has done anything improper.

Democrats impeached Trump because he’s working to improve the lives of the American people rather than the Washington establishment.