BREAKING NEWS - No more witness, Trump may be acquitted tomorrow - Granite Grok

BREAKING NEWS – No more witness, Trump may be acquitted tomorrow

Trump more powerful than you can possibly imagine

BUMPED and UPDATED II: It’s sounding like this will be done by Wednesday.

BUMPED and UPDATED: Murkowski will vote NO on more Impeachment witnesses.  The Democrats needed 4 Republicans to force the issue; they got Mittens and “never know how she’s gonna vote” Collins.  This is almost all over.


Four Republican Senators had to vote with the Democrats to have more witnesses (e.g., that the US House Democrats should have done in their ‘inquiry’ but refused to follow up their subpoenas with Judicial orders).  Two of the regular suspects have decided to do just that.

  • Senators Mitt Romney (UT) and Senator Susan Collins (ME) – vote to hear more witness

The usual suspect on “I’m still not sure”:

  • Senator Lisa Murkowski (AL) – will announce her vote in the morning

And the fourth suspect Senator has decided to put a kibosh on the whole thing:

  • Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) – votes no to more witnesses

Game Over!

Pelosi and the Democrat House Leadership messed up badly by not taking the time in getting their subpoenas done right and get the witnesses in during their part of the process.  They decide to heckle the Senators to do the work that House members wouldn’t do – and failed to make the case.

Now, if no other Republican votes for witnesses (and make BIG trouble come time for the General Election like the failure to kill Obamacare), this sham of a Democrat political grandstand Impeachment will be over.

And Pelosi will be blamed forever.