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MSNBC Host on The Problem of Gerrymandered ‘US Senate Districts’

The Stupid - it burnsThe Stupit - it burns

If you were concerned about the quality of education this will probably not help. MSNBC. The argument is that the number of “voters” in the states of the Senators who voted for conviction exceeds those that voted to Acquit. Wait for it?

So what’s the resolution to that? Is gerrymandering something that would help improve the situation? Is – how does that sort of divide promote consensus in the Senate or even in the House?

Yes. The solution to the problem of a Constitution that established a Senate (that was never meant to be directly elected) has to do with gerrymandering.

That’s MSNBC host Katy Tur. A credit to her profession and a testament to the quality of American education. Any education, actually, that produces media personalities with this level of understanding about the government upon which they report.

Tur’s remark is more appropriate to a man or woman (or whatever) on the street interview. Excuse me…you know the rest. But you can’t get there from here (if you are a liberal) because you are obsessing how I wrote Man before woman or whatever.

And now you are pondering the problem of “gerrymandered” US Senate Districts. Which, if that’s a problem, can be solved by repealing the 17th amendment.

The seventeenth what?

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