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Shaheen and Hassan’s Vote Supported Kuster and Pappas’ Abuse of Power

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New Hampshire’s Democrat congressional delegation is worse than an embarrassment. They are an ignorant embarrassment. Ann Kuster and Chris Pappas voted for the Articles of Impeachment. Hassan and Shaheen concurred with their Guilty votes. They are all guilty of abuse of power.

President Trump’s lawyers explained it about as clearly as you can in their closing arguments.

Impeachment was never meant to be some partisan mob exercise but Democrats declared Trump guilty before he ever took the oath of office and worked diligently to come up with an excuse to impeach him. That in itself is an abuse of power, but we need not linger there.

We’ve heard repeatedly throughout the last week-and-a-half or so that the President is not above the law. And I’d like to focus in my last remarks here on an equally important principle, which is that the House of Representatives also is not above the law in the way that they conduct the impeachment proceedings and bring the matter here before the Senate because in very significant and important respects, they didn’t follow the law.

  • [Democrats] began an impeachment inquiry without a vote from the House, and therefore without lawful authority
  • The Speaker of the House does not have authority by holding a press conference to delegate the sole power of impeachment from the House to a committee.

And the result was 23 totally unauthorized and invalid subpoenas were issued at the beginning of this impeachment inquiry. After that, the House violated every principle of due process and fundamental fairness in the way that the hearings were conducted. … It is significant because denying the President the ability to be present through counsel, to cross-examine witnesses, and to present evidence fundamentally skewed the proceedings in the House of Representatives.

We should not even need to go on from here. The law was broken repeatedly by House Democrats who literally denied the President his due process rights for the purpose of advancing a partisan abuse of power. To arrive at a verdict ordained before Jan of 2016 when he took the oath of office.

Congressman Chris Pappas and Ann Kuster voted to approve and advance these abuses. Senators Hassan and Shaheen concurred with the abuses. Ironically, for the purpose of accusing and convicting Donald Trump of abuse of power (and obstruction Congress) when in fact it was Congress that abused its power and obstructed his due process rights with the aid of the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation.

Ask yourself, if they so easily abuse one of the greatest powers granted them what hope do you or I have when confronted with the partisan wrath of lawmakers who have no interest whatsoever in the law?

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