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Socialists Masquerading as Democrats

President Trump’s Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) nominee is Amy Coney Barrett. Judge Barrett is a recognized legal scholar with the respect of the legal community. In addition, Judge Barrett is also a mother of seven children, two by adoption. She seems to have a pleasant personality.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris’s Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Kamala Harris’s anti-Catholic bigotry is just part of the baggage she brings. Kamala is now Joe Biden’s VP pick. Tap, tap, tap on Joe Biden’s shoulder. Hey Joe, your VP pick believes Catholics are unfit to serve in our nation’s courts. Joe, hey Joe, that’s religious bigotry.

Trump Wins in New Hampshire

President Trump becomes the favorite in November

Maybe the Democrats had better acclimatize to losing. In winning New Hampshire President Trump becomes the favorite in November. According to Josh Hammer of DailyWire.com, it is now clear President has to be considered the favorite to win a second term.

Racis conservative v tolerant liberals

Another Democrat Rolls Out the Hate for Trump and His Supporters

If you have grown weary of undercover reports about Sanders’ campaign operatives preaching hate and violence, here’s a different Democrat doing the same thing. He says, “We need to send a message this year, that if you indulge in this kind of politics you’re not just going to get beaten.”

Progressive Hate

“Can’t ‘Progressives’ Discuss Conflicting Ideas without Impugning Motives?”

Yoda: ““Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”” No, Progressives can’t engage in debate and debate fairly using reasoning and fact. They can’t and it has been obvious for a long, long time. Racist, homophobic, hater, xenophobic, denier, nativists, religious fairy tale …

“Can’t ‘Progressives’ Discuss Conflicting Ideas without Impugning Motives?” Read More »

People's Cube - Merry Marxmas

Democrats are the “Gift” That Keeps “Giving”

Granitegrok is the most popular Conservatarian blog site in New Hampshire. Possibly New England. That’s thanks to you, our readers. The People the Democrats hate. The ones they call White Supremacist, Nazi Racists. As if that will somehow win them over to their side.