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Real Social ‘Justice’ – Gay Radio Host Fired for Perpetrating Hate Hoax Crime Upon Himself

Seth Dunlap Hate Hoaxer

People want attention. Some will do anything. Declare themselves a member of a victim class and announce that they have been discriminated against. Maybe claim someone called them a fag and it destroyed them as a person. Maybe they sent themselves that message?

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Hate crimes are not a real thing (for the umpteenth time) but they attract attention. Too bad most of them are a hoax perpetrated by people desperate for that attention. Folks who tie their value as a human being to the number of likes, clicks, views, or follows they get.

In this culture, who can blame them. Everyone is the next YouTube star but since that’s not true most of them live clinging to an empty promise that the next words from their mouths will make them into a celebrity.

Or, maybe, elevate their celebrity.

Gay radio host @sethdunlap said he was “shattered” after an unauthorized tweet from his work’s Twitter called him a f*g. He blamed American society for being hateful


The left ‘s culture war, if you missed the memo, has nothing to do with equality, diversity, or equity. It is one of many flanking maneuvers aimed at ending free-market capitalism in America. An odd juxtaposition given that the common thread behind hate hoaxes is to elevate relevance or celebrity.

Every fake hate hoax is a cry for attention. An effort to use a false perception to add value to yourself as a person. Look, I’m a victim of the system. No, you are actually a cog in the machine.

So, it pleases me when this happens.

I have no personal animus against the man nor his sexual proclivities. For the umpteenth time, I don’t care what consenting adults choose in their personal lives as long as it does not require me to change mine to pay for it. But fraud should still be a felony. Until fake hate hoaxers are punished to the full extent available under contract (in the case of an occupation – You’re fired!) or under the law it will not abate.

We talk about not releasing the names of mass-shooters because that is the celebrity they desire. I’m still not sold on that. But for hate hoaxers the opposite is true. They should be declared for who they are and what they do. Just like women who fake rape. It detracts from the overall credibility in the culture of people who have been raped or bullied or harassed.

You think you are doing your “people” a solid when, in fact, you are harming us all.

Stop it. Now.