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President Trump becomes the favorite in November

Trump Wins in New Hampshire

Maybe the Democrats had better acclimatize to losing. In winning New Hampshire President Trump becomes the favorite in November. According to Josh Hammer of, it is now clear President has to be considered the favorite to win a second term.

Not Typical

There is more than one reason for this. Trump has always been an ahistorical president. He lost the national popular vote in the 2016 presidential election. Instead, he took a Rust Belt-centric coalition to secure an Electoral College victory.

The final Electoral College margin obscured the fact Trump’s victory came from 77,000+ voters spread across Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  Trump’s job approval rating average has never once risen above 50%. The talking heads have often commented on this as a marker presidential incumbents strive to hit. Call it a measure of how comfortable they should feel about their chances for re-election.

The president’s margin for error is not as slim as the intelligencia seems to believe. He achieves a lot of tangible good for the blue-collar Americans electing him. The Democrats’ overly zealous partisan impeachment stunt has hurt Democrats in the Rust Belt states. His approval rating in many of those swing states was lagging below the comfortable level before the impeachment saga.

Now the favorite to win

With those things said, Trump is the favorite to win re-election this fall.  This is an emerging consensus. It comes from the historically good week Trump had last week. Let’s review. The Democratic Party exhibited an unforeseen level of gross institutional incompetence. The dumpster fire that was their Iowa caucus process left many voters choking at the thought of Democrat governance.

Trump gave a State of the Union Address that was on point, factual, positive and directional.  His acquittal was by a wide margin on both of House Democrats’ articles of impeachment.

Joe Biden running before the fall

The post-Iowa fallout and the New Hampshire Democratic Party presidential primary have both been simply disastrous for Joe Biden. Biden has been considered the leading “moderate” of the Democratic field. Many have been promoting him as the candidate best positioned to defeat Trump in the general. He finished fourth in Iowa and Fifth in New Hampshire not even bothering to hang around for the close of the polls.

The Democratic Party made a huge show at the State of the Union Address of how out of touch it is. Americans do have a desired political agenda. There really is a median which the Democrats have clearly forgotten. Maybe everyone isn’t America first. But, that isn’t the same as America is racist, sexist, misogynistic, greedy, gun-toting Luddites.

The Democrats hate America not the nation’s issues

Democrats refused to applaud objectively salutary data. They would not acknowledge the extraordinary state of the American economy. They signaled they oppose an economy that is working for most Americans.

We have a higher collective sense of optimism than we have had in decades. Democrats at the State of the Union Address audibly booed Trump’s comments on sanctuary cities.  The president delivered a powerful excoriation of the neo-Confederate, criminal-mollycoddling, illegal entities.

It is difficult to imagine a more out of touch moment. The Democrat party is opposing the deportation of violent illegal aliens. They are supportive of allowing them to commit heinous crimes such as rape and homicide. The Democratic Party debates on stages without an American flag. The symbolism of running for president of a country whose flag you are ashamed of… really? May you get your wish and lose.

It’s not often you fix an issue by taking things away

This is a party whose leading presidential candidates are obsessive about debating whether to outlaw private health insurance. They all seem to think it is a good idea to take health insurance away from over a hundred million Americans. They have forgotten PPACA passed with zero support from the opposition party. Its rollout was a fiasco. Costs are up not down. The promises made in passage and implementation all turned out to be lies.

Even the percentage of people covered has been about a push in the grander scheme of things. People eligible for it, even when subsidized don’t opt-in. Those who wrote the plan acknowledge it was a design to fail. And the party forcing it on the nation has not been able to get it to work let alone gain acceptance. And this is the centerpiece of their debates… winning strategy guys… go for it.

Feelin’ the Bern or getting burnt

The leading candidate for the Democrats’ 2020 presidential nomination is a communist.  He literally took his honeymoon in the former Soviet Union.  Imagine the kind of person who gets married and decides to honeymoon in a freezing, gulag-riddled, totalitarian beacon of pure evil. That place was in an existential state of “mutually assured destruction” with the United States. What kind of human being does such a thing?

Bernie now carries the party nominally the same as that of JFK and Harry Truman. The communist is now the leading candidate for the presidential nomination of the party. Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. Truman and Kennedy are rolling in their graves that we owe $22 trillion dollars. We have not had a budget for 23 years. We are functionally incapable of balancing a budget.

Trump has a margin for error. He is running strong while accumulating a solid record on the economy. He is building relationships with the nation’s minority communities by paying attention to what helps them and doing it.  Sure his average job approval rating is a work in progress.

Rude and capable beats nice and incompetent

But he does not give out participation trophies. He is direct, maybe rude; but he gets things done, things that need doing. But for the first time of his presidency, he is the favorite to win a second term. Trump wins in New Hampshire and the party rolls on.