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ONE Campaign to Rule Them All

I’ve been warning people about ONE Campaign, hapless New Hampshire Republican politicians in particular, for years now.  While they were lining up like fools for photo-ops I had outlined ONE campaign’s global government agenda.   I linked ONE to the UN’s corrupt, anti-liberty, anti-American, Millennium development goals.  I even connected ONE to Senator Obama’s shared objective …

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Democrats And Voter Fraud

“Voter Fraud is an accepted way of winning elections here…”—Unnamed Democratic Election Worker “This is an ongoing scheme and it occurs on both sides of the aisle…What appears as a huge conspiracy to non-political persons is really a normal political tactic.” — Democratic City Councilor Anthony Defiglio to NY State Police. Glad there’s no voter …

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NH has Voter Fraud? – Hey, How About We Arrest The Messengers?

The Project Veritas punking of the gaping holes in New Hampshire’s voting process is priceless.   If you missed it, they used the names of dead people to get ballots in this weeks First in the nation NH primary and posted the video of that on-line.  It demonstrated that vote stealing is not just possible, it is …

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