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World Wildlife Federation Paid $70,000 to Activists who Set Fire to Amazon Forest

Fire forest fire original Photo by Benjamin Lizardo on Unsplash

Remember those Amazon Forest Fires that dominated the news until Hurricane Dorian broke the second seal of the apocalypse? It turns out that “man” was responsible for at least a few of those fires after all. Well, the four men who set the fire.

Four members of an NGO have been arrested for starting fires in protected forests. They started a blaze then took pictures which they sold to the World Wildlife Federation for large sums of cash.

After two months of investigation, police discovered the involvement of NGOs in the fire, including the Alter do Chão Brigade. Interior Civil Police Chief Jose Humberto Melo Jr said police had intercepted suspects by telephone and monitored telephone conversations:

“We started to track the movement of the four suspects. We realized that their legal entity got a contract with WWF, sold 40 images to WWF for exclusive use for $ 70,000, and WWF got donations from actor Leonardo DiCaprio worth $ 500,000 to assist NGOs in combat burning in the Amazon ”.

This is the environmental NGO equivalent of the campus hate hoax. Draw some swastikas, make a noose, or leave some suspicious graffiti, then use it to gain attention or organize for action; scream about how oppressed you are, then make demands.

Not just the Amazon

At least one major fire that ravaged New South Wales in Australia was deliberately set and “literally” fanned by the perpetrator, identified only as a 20-year old male. Authorities are investigating at least seven suspicious blazes.

Does anybody want to bet money that these folks are connected to an Environmental group?