Stop Giving Money to Dartmouth ('cuz Climate Fraud) - Granite Grok

Stop Giving Money to Dartmouth (‘cuz Climate Fraud)

forest trees prevent wildfire

Dartmouth did some excellent research on carbon sequestration by forests in New Hampshire. Trees sequester carbon into themselves and the soil. Good work. But they then ruined it by making it about manmade co2 and climate change.

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Neither of which is related to the matter supposedly before us. That our generation of co2, or naturally occurring co2, has anything to do with warming. It’s the other way around. Solar activity triggers conditions that result in warming and cooling. Atmospheric co2 responds to these changes.

But that bit of science won’t convince Americans to give up their free-market economy in exchange for one run by DC leftists. So, they’ve been all-in on the carbon-dioxide makes it warmer narrative and they refuse to let go. 

I had some thoughts about that and the Dartmouth business, which we shared on the podcast this week. It’s a short seven and one-half minute segment, but I think we got it covered.