Quick Thought - Wright Museum is now anti-gun. Oh, the irony! - Granite Grok

Quick Thought – Wright Museum is now anti-gun. Oh, the irony!

Tom just put this post up announcing that the Wright Museum, a celebration of the battles fought by America in WW II and display some of what our military used to win WW II, is now going gun-free:

Executive Director Michael Culver Ph.D. has declared that “Starting July 24, 2019, the Wright Museum of WWII is now posting that it is a weapons-free zone.”  This notice will soon be posted on the museum’s website and entry doors.

Er, what is it that they have displayed all over the place? I think that would be weapons.  Primarily weapons, right?  Even their FAQs talks about their collection of tanks. No, not water tanks – tanks that were meant for one purpose – move guns (small, large) all over a battlefield.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there but I was thinking about taking the Grandson there soon just to see what the Greatest Generation used to defend our Constitutional values.  After all, that’s what was at stake at that time.

So Executive Director Michael Culver Ph.D., in my mind, has put his institution into a bit of an intellectual quandary in my eyes.  How does one square the mission of the Museum, to show off that era’s weapons, with the Political Correctness of today which demands no weapons at all?  If Culver AND his board were really serious about their current mission to deny citizens of their Second Amendment / Article 2-A Rights, how can they truly believe that even the representation of such era arms is possible? If they were really hones with their stance stemming from the Left’s public morality that all guns are bad, how can they live with the cognitive dissonance that they make their living by showing off…..guns?  Doesn’t matter if they are “live” or “de-milled” (unable to shoot) – in PC land, it’s all about the emotion? After all, those displayed weapons, most likely, actually killed people – OH, the horror of all hat toxic masculinity running amok!

Sidenote – and if they ARE in working order, is he and his Board willing to destroy historical articles that were given to the Museum in good faith by altering them?  I can think of no possible definition of “restoration” that would include rendering them useless.  You?

Or is is just about the Benjamins as the turnstyles go ’round and, as Tom enumerated, the Leftist foundations write checks?

No, if they were really serious, they should remove ALL weapons.  Period.  Just for the sake of consistency – if they wish to remove our’s of today, they should remove their’s of yesteryears.  After all, if we aren’t allowed to exercise our Right, then the purpose of WW II, to defend our Constitution and ALL of its clauses, was a failure.  Is that the message Michael Culver wishes to present – that WW II was a fraud upon ourselves as a nation?

And should some of us be subversive and just continue on in with concealed carry? I generally would have a hard time even thinking about that – certainly I disarm when I go into hospitals because they have those signs plastered on their doors.  But this is a place of celebration of weapons, right, Wright?  Are they gong to put up detectors or search visitors?   I wonder how they would respond to the question “which takes preference: your Private Property Rights or my Right to defend myself and mine?

Talk about killing history due to ideology…..intellectual dishonesty.