Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Staged "Crying for Caged Children" Photos at the Border - Granite Grok

Democrat Ocasio-Cortez Staged “Crying for Caged Children” Photos at the Border

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ran to the border. When she got there, there were tweets with photos about caged children, dying, and accountability. And guess what? She’s being held accountable. For staging the photos!

No children. Just a fence, photographer, and some acting. It was all fake.

Photos have leaked from different angles taken during her performance. There were no children — just some folks milling about, a few guards, and a parking lot.

Here’s another view of that fence where she’s fake-crying

AOC's crying fence at th eborder


And someone took the time to line up some comparisons of the real and the fake.

Ocasio Cortez border theater

What’s next? Stories about sniper fire? 

One more point. The watch she is wearing in the pictures has been identified by some resourceful member of Team Crowdsource as a $595.00 Movado Museum Gold Women’s sport watch.

It’s the only genuine thing in the entire photo-shoot.

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