Another UNH Credit Card Fraud Scandal But This Time It's a Little Different. - Granite Grok

Another UNH Credit Card Fraud Scandal But This Time It’s a Little Different.


UNH researchers Jichun Zhang and Hailong Zhang stole $90,000 in grant money using University credit cards while working at UNH. Now we’ve got UNH Students Chunyang Li and Chenghan Wang using stolen credit card information to pay UNH.

What sort of values are they teaching? Oh, that’s right, stealing.

Stealing votes, tax dollars, and, what the heck, grant money, and other people’s credit cards.

“…20-year-old Chunyang Li, allegedly sought to pay the university over $56,000 for services using credit cards from nine people. … 20-year-old Chenghan Wang, was charged with one felony and one misdemeanor of a fraud attempt. Wang allegedly used a credit card to charge over $6,300 to pay UNH …”

 Both students plead not guilty and been released on a 5,000.00-dollar bond. 

I wonder how they paid the bond company its twenty percent.

| US News