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What do You Have to Steal at UNH To Go to Jail in This State?


Jichun Zhang and Hailong Zhang stole nearly 90,000.00 dollars. The UNH researchers used University Credit cards tied to Federal Grant money to buy themselves stuff. And neither of them is going to jail.

The first, Jichun Zhang, stole 7,000.00 dollars. In late March he was sentenced to two years probation, after paying back all the money.

Hailong Zhang, over five years, stole 82,000.00 dollars. He was sentenced this week — ten months of home detention. So, his punishment is binge-watch Netflix, PlayStation, surf the internet, and by March of next year, he can leave the house. If even wants to by then.

This UNH vote-thief got community service.

The dopes who spent 17,500.00 on one cafeteria table had to say they were sorry.

It’s not just Stealing

German professor Ed ‘Flash’ Larkin showed his junk to a mom and daughter in a parking lot and kept his 87k plus salary but was not to interact with students for three years (meaning they made his job more relaxed).

This dope had his ass saved by the union after trying to get someone fired, only to eventually lose after his case went all the way to the State Supreme court. He lost his job but it cost us more than him.

UNH had a riot over a sombrero. I doubt anyone did time for that, even though as a rule, 70% of all arrests in Durham, NH, are UNH students.

As for the thousands of out-of-state students who vote illegally in New Hampshire every year (as well as their enablers and co-conspirators), the ACLU defends their right to suppress your political will by giving it to them when they can vote in the state they filed their college application from while you can’t.

A guy steals 82,000.00 dollars and his punishment is staying home for ten months.

Do they give tenure to researchers?