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Ignore Earth Hour Tonight- Communist Venezuela Has Been ‘Celebrating’ It for Weeks

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March 30th is the day “we” celebrate Earth Hour. Global virtue signaling at its most grand. You have to say GRAAHHHNNND, Darling. This socialist marketing scheme encourages people to turn everything off for an hour from 8:30-9:30 pm local time to save the planet.

All to promote the idea that government should control your energy usage. A plan that will never work because we’ve seen their ideas on controlling spending.

The word I’m looking for is fraud!

Thanks to the Green New Deal we can see the fraud. The promise of earth hours not once a year but as often as several times a day. A “privilege” that will cost trillions of dollars.

A plan these Democrats say we need. Now. They support it. They’ll vote for it until you ask them.

Every Democrat Senator running for President, Chuck Schumer, Ed Markey the bill co-sponsor, every Democrat in the Senate but three, all strong supporters of the Green New Deal as an end game, voted present. (The other three no with 54 Republicans.)

Maybe every Democrat who supports this needs to spend some time in Venezuela, and not as a dignitary or guest of the government or Sean Penn or some rich crony of the state.

Learn to feel the power of being “powerless.”

Maduro’s communist despotism has been running nearly unplanned (sometimes continuous) earth hours for weeks. An excellent way to cap off what typically occurs in third world Marxist armpits. Rolling ‘Earth Hours’ all year long during the times when you need the power on the most.

While the folks doing the people’s business enjoy no interruption in service or lifestyle. It’s a feature of Liberal Privilege.

Meanwhile, over on the right, we’ll call 830 to 9:30 on March 30th human achievement hour. We turn everything on we need and want to enjoy. What our hard work has provided. Heat, light, energy, and the future. Modernity. Forward!

The Democrat promise is backward. 19th-century transportation managed by a 19th-century “aristocracy.”

Which is a very good sign that it at the earliest convenience we need to use the ballot box to make them as powerless as they would make us.