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I am a Blue-Collar Pennsylvania Guy – “Blue Collar Joe” Biden is a Fraud

Blue Collar Joe Biden is a Fraud

Excuse me “Blue Collar Joe,” but you are not a Pennsylvania guy. I am a blue-collar Pennsylvania guy. Let me explain.

I was born in Norristown, Pa., grew up in South East Pa. near Philadelphia, also a short drive to Amish country. It was a great place to grow up.

My education was in Pa. schools. And my first driver’s license, hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses were all – Pa.

I worked in a local grocery store from the time I got working papers at 14 until I started working out of state at 19. That store supplied block ice to the Phoenix Steel Mill one mile away.

Along with mowing lawns, serving papers, and doing odd jobs in my Pennsylvania, I met a host of characters whose families went back generations, to the people who fled Europe after WWII. Some of my school friends had parents who still spoke Polish and other European languages at home where their parents and grandparents lived.

I went to grade school with a young man whose family escaped the Hungarian Revolution. His parents would tell stories of it.

I learned about Ben Franklin, George Washington, and all the patriots and founding fathers from the perspective of a kid who lived across the river from Valley Forge. I was a Pa. guy through and through.

Like most kids – stuck my finger in the Liberty Bell crack, when it was not behind glass.

My big move was to New Hampshire in 1978. My now wife and I bought fifty acres, brought with us five horses and a bunch of hand tools. We were very happy and not involved in politics. That affliction was dumped on us by crooked municipal officials. A different story.

Not So Blue Collar Joe

You, “Blue Collar Pennsylvania Joe” left that state at 10 years old and went to Delaware with your family.

I hear you graduated law school in 1969 and ran for office in 1970, winning, and that is about all you have done in your entire life that I can see – from a Pennsylvania perspective.

You have, as far as I know, never, had a blue-collar job. You were a lawyer, that is all, for a year.

Much like Bernie Sanders, you have zero business or life experience with anyone blue collar. Both of you moved from a large state to a small state and won seats to public office for your entire lives. No blue-collar man on the street can rattle off a single thing you have accomplished, ever.

I worked at a tree service with a man who had a wife, adopted kids, owned a house near my parents, and who worked a hard, long, day every day. He and another guy I worked with could neither read nor write. Their wives took care of those issues.

They were real blue-collar men who I respect. Neither of them would fake who they are.

Pretending you have some blue-collar real-life connection to my home state is embarrassing.

Please knock it off.