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Israel Rolls Back Restrictions To Arm as Many As a Half-Million More Citizens

Israel is opening up its carry-permit rules so it can arm more law-abiding civilians. “Many civilians saved lives during terror attacks in an era of ‘lone terrorism,’ Erdan said in a statement. “The more skilled civilians carrying weapons, the greater the chance of thwarting attacks without casualties and reducing the number of casualties.” In the …

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Why Democrats Don’t Trust You With Guns…

The typical Democrat reaction to anything relating to guns tells you a lot about them. Human beings filter things through the lens of their personal worldview and firearms are a great example of this. The Democrat narrative claims that people can’t be trusted with firearms because at any moment they might snap and shoot everyone around them. …

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A Gun Legislation Update and a Gun Rally This Saturday

Susan Olsen returns with an update on SB500, a Bill to clean up firearms language in state statute and there’s a gun rally this week. Tune in for the details.   Visit the blog-post page for more ways to listen.

SB500: Cleaning up Firearms Language in State Statute

Susan Olsen joins me this week to discuss Kevin Avard’s Bill, SB 500: an Act amending references to firearms terminology. We talk about the proposed changes, testimony, support and opposition to the legislation.

Jeanne Shaheen – Heinous Beast

Kimberly Morin joins us as we discuss how Sen. Jeanne Shaheen labeled a huge swath of her constituency as bad people doing bad things. We also talk about Maggie Hassan, who appears to know nothing about federal firearms law, and wants to ban all semi-automatic rifles. We also fit in Brexit, Brussels and EU and …

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Wanna be an instant sniper?

And hit a target at 1,000 yards? The first time you’ve ever filed a rifle? Any rifle? Well, it’s here. (This is the 21st century, after all.)

Competition Shooter Jessie Duff Takes Us To School

Nothing puts a debate about firearms into perspective like holes in sheet metal.  So here is professional shooter Jessie Duff showing us what kind of damage you can do with various weapons to make a point.  That the lefts caterwauling has no point.   H/T Laura Rambeau Lee –