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“Smarter” Democrat Border Priorities Cost us Lives and Billions of Hard-Earned Dollars

Rosemarie rung Democrat border security

Rosemarie Rung is a rare breed. She’s an elected House Democrat from Merrimack. We send eight representatives to Concord and don’t typically have Democrats. Occasionally we’ll have one. In 2018 we elected four. I suspect, after 2020, we’ll have none. In part, due to the tone-deaf, left-wing narrative pimping of Liberals like Rosemarie Rung who won the office thanks to a wave election.

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A wave that will recede as voters realize what they’ve done.

Grok contributor Ed Mosca put Rung on my radar with a post titled No, Rep. Rosemarie Rung, Your Party Does NOT Support Border Security. Ed explores the language of the left how the words don’t mean what a typical person would suggest. They mean the opposite. I want to take Ms. Rung’s tweet from Ed’s article and go one step further.

Rep. Rung claims Democrats support border security but “don’t support wasting billions of our hard-earned dollars when we can be smarter on how some of it is spent.” This not true and we can prove it.

Democrats Did it and They Still Defend It

‘Smarter’ Democrat policies on “border security” and immigration have already cost us hundreds of billions of our “hard-earned dollars. And more than a few lives.

The rise of MS-13 gangs, gang violence, identity theft, human trafficking, and drug trafficking is directly connected to Democrat’s open-border policies and DACA. We can include the opioid epidemic that followed. The increase in drug crime, trafficking, overdoses, and deaths is a result of Democrat policies. Priorities that cost us more than money. Every one of those tragic stories the left uses to leverage politicians to spend more taxpayer dollars on enforcement and treatment is a result of Democrat priorities.

The result of these policies is more government.

It’s almost as if they planned it that way.

Democrat Sanctuary policies give well, sanctuary, to illegal immigrants and traffickers who use those “protections” to operate narcotics networks. In many cases, the cities or states prohibit interaction between local police and federal agents. Locals engage in catch and release for minor crimes without knowing they are holding a wanted felon with a connection to drug trafficking.

These violent criminals go back into our neighborhoods to poison our children or to rob, rape, or murder friends and neighbors. Except when they don’t. Federal agents manage to find them and arrest them despite the sanctuary policies the Democrat Party supports. In spite of them.

Democrat Priorities Killing Our Kids

The most glaring example is the multi-agency bust of the drug ring that had been poisoning New Hampshire. It operated out Lawrence Massachusetts, a Democrat-run sanctuary city just across another border.

Last week’s joint ICE/DEA bust of a criminal alien network in Lawrence, Massachusetts, involving over 200 law enforcement officers, provides us with a lot of insight. ICE detained or issued indictments for 50 illegal or criminal aliens who were operating in plain sight of authorities in and around Lawrence and charged them with gun, drug, and immigration violations. Several of them were also identified as sex offenders. They had enough fentanyl to kill half the population of the Bay State. …

Included in the bust were individuals whom local authorities failed to detain and hand over to ICE after prior arrests.

In a strange concurrence of what must undoubtedly be coincidental events New Hampshire’s ‘opioid crisis’ has improved ‘a bit’ since the Illegal Alien-operated cartel in Lawrence was busted up.

Not to worry. Open border policies could ensure a never-ending parade or replacements. Sanctuary cities provide safe havens from which to operate. And Drug cartels are like that. They don’t like to give up territory. Neither do Democrats.

Democrats Demand More Hard-Earned Dollars

The Left has used the Opioid crisis as an excuse to expand Medicaid. To increase benefits. A massive cost burden that is borne by taking the hard-earned dollars of taxpayers. One that doesn’t go away even if we do manage to turn the tide on the addiction epidemic facilitated by Democrat policy. Government expansions are often costs that last forever.

And how many New Hampshire Democrats ran on making its cities or the state a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens?

More than one is too many, and there was more than one. Democrats whose idea of border security has cost this state and our nations untold billions already and hundreds of thousands of lives. Dollars and lives that will continue to add up. Because what Merrimack Democrat House Rep Rosemarie Rung calls that ‘Smarter’ doesn’t slow or stop the problem. If feeds off it. 

Voters who know the truth may not agree.