In Wake Of Tragedy New Zealander's Rush to Hand Over Guns...Wait! Sorry. I Meant "Buy Guns." - Granite Grok

In Wake Of Tragedy New Zealander’s Rush to Hand Over Guns…Wait! Sorry. I Meant “Buy Guns.”

AR-15 Woman gun store

As Liberal lawmakers in New Zealand prepare to punish law-abiding citizens for the actions of one criminal, the American media want you to believe a story. That Kiwis are rushing to turn in their firearms. Newsroom New Zealand’s headline suggests the opposite.

“Panic buying’ of guns ahead of ban”

“There has been a rush on gun shops, with people “panic buying”, in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack and in anticipation of the Government tightening gun laws.” (And?) “Gun shop owners at bricks and mortar stores, and online – experienced a jump in sales.”

Nobody spikes gun sales like liberal gun-grabbers.

Firearms owners posted online about “panic buying”, where people were rushing to stores to purchase firearms, following the prime minister’s comments about plans to tighten gun laws.

On the Facebook group Kiwi Gun Blog, firearms owners and sellers said there was heightened buying of semi-automatic weapons, ammunition and magazines around the country on Saturday.

Reality Locked and Loaded

Over at RedState, they report that the mass of goodwill to self-disarm has amounted to about 37 firearms. And those were surrendered by just a handful of individuals. That’s not much of a movement, especially in a country with 1.2 million registered firearms. 

Whatever number of guns have been dropped off to the local constabulary is dwarfed by the surge in new gun purchases. Brought on (as usual) by gun-grabbers legislative calisthenics.

I think something similar is happening in New Hampshire. Democrats want to use their legislative majority to advance every awful anti-gun bill they can dust off. The Republican governor says he will veto them and the Left does not have veto-proof majorities. But you can’t trust politicians. So you buy another rifle or carry pistol, just in case. Maybe one of each.

No tragedy needed. Just common sense and an understanding of how the Left operates.

The point being, the American media is selling a story that just ain’t true. And who among us is surprised by that?