Granny Got A Gun: Detains Suspect in Driveway Until Police Arrive. - Granite Grok

Granny Got A Gun: Detains Suspect in Driveway Until Police Arrive.

Marcia Black Defends Family with her rifle

When Marcia Black, 75, was alerted to the presence of a shirtless, shoeless stranger in her yard, she got up from the dinner table, grabbed her rifle, and went about the business of discovering the young man’s intentions.

“I walked out and said, ‘Can I help you?’ He said, ‘Yes ma’am, I’d like to use your phone,’” Black said.

Black confronted Powers about the nearby crash, but he denied knowing anything about it. As Powers began inching his way closer to her home, Black raised her rifle and fired a single warning shot into the air — she had two grandchildren inside her home that she was dead set on protecting.

It’s always better to speak softly and carry a big stick (or a boomstick), my mother almost used to say (borrowing from Teddy Roosevelt, of course). My mom left the boomstick part out, but that’s what Roosevelt meant. And while Teddy was a bit excessive with the interventionism, the maxim holds. You can’t establish any sort of leverage if you never have it. And it’s most effective when your opponent knows what you have but has no idea how you might use it.

Marcia Black could have gone to her front door unarmed, but that story probably has a different middle and end. In the Granny Got a Gun version, Cameron Powers – the car stealing fugitive (who crashed the vehicle up the road a piece) follows Granny Black’s instructions after he tries to advance up the drive and she fires a warning shot to get his attention. That’s where he stays, on his knees, until the police arrive.

A short chase into a field by local deputies and Powers has been detained and charged (with resisting arrest on top of auto-theft). 

We’ve no idea what might have been because Marica Black knew what was what. A “good Granny” with a gun at the doorway protected her grandchildren. And everyone except Cameron Powers lived happily ever after.

| Western Journal