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Real School Safety: Texas Votes to Train and Arm More Teachers

Concealed Carry

In Texas, they call them school Marshalls. Teachers trained and carrying concealed firearms. Public Schools can have them, but until this week there were limitations.

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Under the marshal program, school personnel, whose identities are kept secret from all but a few local officials, are trained to act as armed peace officers in the absence of law enforcement. Currently, schools that participate in the program can only designate one marshal per 200 students or one marshal per building.

Teachers are armed first responders. If everyone on the left is to be beleived, they love these kids as if they were their own. But instead of allowing a few who may already have the skills or those willing to learn to return fire, the Left’s answer is to force them to absorb it.

That doesn’t work.

Texas agrees.

After the Santa Fe High School shooting the legislature got to work on “real” school safety. Part of that became two bills (both of which have passed their respective chambers) to remove the state cap that limits the number of School Marshalls.

Any School district in the state, regardless of size, could make a local decision about their security needs. Train, certify, and arm as many School Marshalls as they felt prudent, including none. It’s a school choice program.  Bloomberg’s Desperate Mom’s Looking for Action, are (naturally) opposed.

“If we put an unlimited number of guns in our schools, we’re only creating an unlimited number of potential mistakes that could harm our children,” said Hilary Whitfield, volunteer leader with the Texas chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

There’s no evidence of this while there is ample proof of what happens when school’s are forced to become gun-free zones by distant legislators with anti-gun agendas. Kids and teachers die — lots of them.

Texas did the math and they did it right.

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