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Democrat Rosemarie Rung Takes a Shot at Republican Jeanine Notter – Misses the Mark

Turn in your guns the government will take care of you

New Hampshire House Rep. Rosemarie Rung wants to be Merrimack’s, Sherry Frost. A Democrat who thinks they are saying inciteful things but can’t see just how stupid they came out. She’s already done the dumb deed on national security. Now she’s making a fool of herself on State House ‘Security.’

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Republicans have made it clear that they will ignore the Democrats rule change that bans firearms from inside the House chamber. Democrats, insist it is about safety. But then Rung wrecks that argument in her effort to smear fellow Merrimack Republican Jeanine Notter.

Jeanine Notter, has publicly stated that she refuses to comply with the rule, despite the fact that she can continue to carry her gun into the State House and into every other room, hallway, office, cafeteria, gift shop, etc. in our Capitol building.

If you can carry everywhere in the building except Representatives hall, and it’s not a small building, how does that accomplish the stated goal of ‘safety’? It doesn’t.

The majority of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Target rich opportunities with the lowest potential for resistance.

So, this admission itself actually amplifies the threat Rung imagines.  One that would not exist if Democrats had not cast a meaningless vote to deny law-abiding citizens their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

A Glimpse into the Future

I will give New Hampshire Democrats credit for one thing. This is a rare example of the Left’s ‘leadership’ exposing themselves to the dangers of their virtue signaling. Typically it’s a privilege reserved for the general public. In the case of firearms, they’d like to disarm all the law-abiding gun owners in the name of public safety. To emulate the left’s anti-gun policies in American cities that are the crime and murder capitals of the nation. Where only criminals have weapons.

Rung is selling Notter’s decision as setting a bad example when it is Rosemarie who is standing out as the threat. If a simple majority of House Democrats feel compelled to infringe on this right at the first opportunity what must they have in store for all of our others? Inalienable rights our constitutions exist to protect from capricious infringements by part-time populist mobs.

Is that the voice the town of Merrimack expected when they sent Rung and three other Democrats to Concord?