Our Nation Was Founded to Protect Our Rights From People Like Democrat Douglas Ley - Granite Grok

Our Nation Was Founded to Protect Our Rights From People Like Democrat Douglas Ley

douglas ley

Like most Democrats, Representative Doug Ley thinks Government exists to protect us from ourselves or others.

“Waiting periods can and do save lives by preventing impulsive acts of violence and suicide,” House Majority Leader Doug Ley said at a press conference after signing the bill. “Our most important job as legislators is to protect and preserve the health and safety of all New Hampshire citizens, and I am pleased that the House voted today to do just that. It is imperative that New Hampshire join the ranks of states that take this important action to avoid violent tragedy.”

Despotic, Ethically Challenged, Democrat House Majority Leader Doug Ley

Our Nation was created for but one purpose. To protect our natural rights from people like Douglas Ley.

As Ian Underwood noted here, and I have become fond of sharing. 

The Declaration of Independence very eloquently points out that people form governments, not to protect their lives, but to protect their rights.  I don’t need you to protect my life.  I need you to protect my rights — my right to property, my right to due process, my right to keep and bear arms, and so on. 

There’s no doubt that we’ve wandered a long way from that beginning. Even here in New Hampshire. But no so far that the Granite State can’t pull back from the brink.

The current Democrat majorities, lead by Doug Ley and others, are trying to strap us into a car with all manner of claims about safety. They’ve pushed us toward that precipice, And they’ve not even had the good manners to admit that while they work to take away our natural right to self-defense neither they nor any duly appointed officer or member of the state is under any obligation to protect us.