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Lone Republican Joins Sherry Frost and NH Democrats to Ban Guns in the House Chamber

Frosty Gun Ban NH House

Democrat Rep. Sherry Frost says dumb things all the time on Twitter. Like, “Now the GOP is saying they need their guns because law enforcement is under no obligation to protect us. The Good Guy with a gun fantasy is strong with these folks.”

Law enforcement is under no obligation. Neither are armed State reps under any duty to defend Sherry Frost. And thanks to Democrats, it’s probably not a good idea to try. You get in more trouble for drawing a firearm than letting some villain use Sherry Frost for target practice.

Lucky for Sherry an armed Republican Rep. would go out of their way to protect her even if it meant putting themselves in harm’s way. I would too. We value all life, even Democrat life. A problem with which House Republicans or visitors no longer need to burden themselves. Frost and her fellow gun-grabbers banned possession of firearms in the House chamber again.

With the help, I am told (not that they needed it) of one “Republican” Rep. Edward Gordon of Grafton 9.

Good Guy with a Gun

As for the good guy with a gun fantasy, from where does Rep Frost get her fantasy? What justification do Democrats have for disarming law-abiding citizens? The government will provide Good guys with guns. That’s their defense for denying you a right to your own. “Good guys” in uniform who show up to end all those mass shootings. Shootings that never seem to happen where armed citizens are knowingly present.

Officers who have absolutely no constitutional duty to defend you. Should you die before their arrival well, that’s too damn bad. Sorry, Democrats had to disarm you for the public’s protection. Except for those dead members of the public. 

Such is the keen intellect of Democrat Rep. Sherry Frost. In one tweet she unmasks the left’s flawed argument for civilian disarmament. The fantasy about good guys with guns is hers, but they’ll disarm you anyway. And if you complain they’ll take to Twitter to feed tripe to their liberal followers who want citizen-victims dependent on a government with no obligation to provide them anything. 

There is not one thing Democrats promise that they are required to deliver. Nothing.

But don’t you dare complain about the “cost” you have to pay for the privilege of their knowing better. 

H/T Susan Olsen and Michelle Levell