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Marriage and Poverty: The Most Vital Sign

by Stephen Scaer  | In Mark Hayward’s July 7 Union Leader article, “Manchester gets a checkup. Public health director reports on city’s vital signs,” misses the most crucial ‘vital sign.’ What percent of Manchester children are born in wedlock and are being raised by their biological mothers and fathers? 

Immigration Reform… For America Not Of America

Instead of focusing on amnesty, Congress should focus on immigration reforms that would benefit America. There is nothing wrong with having the American Congress take action to benefit America. The needed immigration reforms should include ending chain migration, adopting an skills, education, and investment capital based system and getting rid of the diversity quotas. Chain …

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Gov. Matt Bevin – Gun Control and the Value of Life

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin had some great thoughts on gun violence and culture a few months back. Skip wrote about this back in February. For many of us social conservatives, he confirms what we’ve known for decades – that Progressives have deliberately destroyed the social norms that once existed that kept people “in check” just …

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Uniting America

As American culture begins to deteriorate and results from every area of society continue to illustrate the lack of integrity within our culture, people ask the question, “Can’t we just unite and become a nation of one people?” That’s a noble request and one that I believe many American’s would very much like to see …

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Drinkin’ his own booze

Back in my coal mining days in southern Appalachia, there was a saying folks had: “He’s drinkin’ his own booze” and it was not a compliment.  In those days, good stuff could generally be defined as spirits that wouldn’t make you go blind and the way to tell was by putting a dibby dab in a …

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