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Josh Moore

Josh Moore is a former two-term New Hampshire State Representative. Josh is also the Founder of The Patriot Initiative, an educational non-profit with the vision to restore culture and government. During Josh's four years serving in the NH House, he sat on the House education committee.

Dem debate nov

What Do Democrats Mean by “Human Rights?”

Last night Democrats took to the national stage for another debate. I will admit, I only caught about 15 minutes of it. But within those 15 minutes, I heard something from the candidates that I keep hearing from the political left consistently. They keep talking about “human rights.”

The Patriot Initiative goes to UNH- Interviews with students

Last month, Turning Point USA held an event at UNH in Durham. Charlie Kirk and Senator Rand Paul were the featured speakers. The Patriot Initiative went to get a sense of what students currently think about the culture war. Questions were asked on a few topics facing the nation, including tolerance on college campus. The …

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Entering the mind of John Locke – The Purpose of Government

We have almost completely lost the understanding of the purpose of government. Republicans and Democrats alike, fight over policy, but who is right? We have plenty of sources we can look to to find our path to prosperity. And I don’t just mean financially, but morally & spiritually.

Mega Church Pastor Renounces Christianity

The church, just like our nation, is being rattled with constant shifts, some good, and some bad. Recently, author and former pastor, Joshua Harris, renounced his faith in Jesus and rejected Christianity.